Philadelphia Trumpet  •  March 2011  •  Volume 22, No. 3
  • Living
    Thrift: Your Hedge Against Hard Times
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    The Bible and the Constitution
  • World
    How to Make the Pope Furious
    Radical Islam is pushing all the wrong buttons.
  • Religion
    Where Is God?
    Amid spectacular fracturing in what was once a strong, unified Church, this is a question all seekers of the truth should be asking.
  • To Our Family in the United Church of God
  • Etc.
    The End of the Dollar
  • Living
    Do You Have Talent?
    We’re sure we know what talent is, and that superior ability and greatness are the results of it. Research tells us something remarkably different.
  • He Was Right!
    The Hidden Nazi Underground
  • Science
    The World’s Leading-Edge Laboratory
    Where scientists go for inspiration (hint: It’s not NASA)
  • History
    Why Rome Never Fell (Part 4)
    The ancient saying “All roads lead to Rome” is still true! Though this city’s history is celebrated, its future as revealed in the Bible shows we haven’t seen the last of Rome yet.
  • Increase Your Bible IQ
    One World Government: Impossible—Yet Inevitable!
    The Philadelphia Trumpet, in conjunction with the Herbert W. Armstrong College Bible Correspondence Course, presents this brief excursion into the fascinating study of the Bible. Simply turn to and read in your Bible each verse given in answer to the questions. You will be amazed at the new understanding gained from this short study!
  • Departments
    It’s Hard to Watch Your Country Die
    One can’t help but sigh and cry.
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