Philadelphia Trumpet  •  December 2010  •  Volume 21, No. 10
  • News of the Work
    The Magnificent New Armstrong Auditorium
    Seeing is believing.
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    Pope Meets the Queen—Insight Into Man’s Magnificent Future!
  • WorldWatch
  • Principles of Living
    Ending the War on Poverty
    Why giving money to the poor isn’t working.
  • Commentary
    Thy Kingdom Come
    How else can one respond to this world’s growing sin-sickness? 
  • Science
    The Perfect Ecosystem
    Man’s best attempt at creating a life-sustaining ecosystem—would it work? 
  • Special Report: China
    This Means War
    Where global trade disputes are leading—and how they will upend your life
  • World
    Why Chinese Miners Are Smiling
    Whoops! Right under everyone’s noses, they scored a monopoly on a rare resource we all use. In a swoop, this could bring the world to its knees.
  • World
    The Silk Superhighway
  • History: Origin of Nations, part 3
    Is China in the Bible? (Part 3)
    The scriptural, prophetic identity of the most populous nation on the planet.
  • World
    On the Edge of Tyranny
    Within barely nine months of the Lisbon Treaty coming into effect, EU elites have moved to consolidate their imperial power.
  • Bible
    Where Did Music Come From?
    Learn what musicologists have never taught.
  • Living
    Practice Happy
    Follow the biblical prescription: To be happy, act happy.