Philadelphia Trumpet  •  May/June 2010  •  Volume 21, No. 5
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    The Real Vatican Scandal
  • Departments
  • Commentary
    Solving the Health Care Crisis
    Why the November elections won’t do it.
  • World
    Is There Any Worse Time the Health Care Bill Could Become Law?
  • How NOT to Have A World Without Nukes
    President Obama’s nuclear nonproliferation efforts will lead to another global war. 
  • Who’s Insulting Whom?
    The America-Israel alliance has never looked so shaky. 
  • How Russia Outmaneuvered America
    The fascinating power politics behind an overlooked coup in Central Asia
  • We Were Wrong—Germany Is Taking Over
    Waking up to Berlin’s true ambitions 

  • Is the Vatican a Bastion of Family Values?
    Not nearly as much as millions believe.
  • Beware! The Vatican Will Retaliate
    History warns us not to misjudge the resilience of the Roman Catholic Church. 
  • Economy
    An Uncomfortable Fact About Oil
    Rising prices are just beginning: Demand is up; supplies are level. Things could get ugly. 
  • Living
    Save Your Marriage!
    A beautiful truth that the divorce industry cannot teach you. 
  • Society
    When Families Disappear
  • Religion
    Did Christ Abolish the Sabbath?