Philadelphia Trumpet  •  May 1999  •  Volume 10, No. 4
  • Cover Story
    The Unseen Danger in Kosovo
    A Rising Power: Germany is responsible for starting the civil war in Yugoslavia. It has been the strongest supporter of Albania against the Serbs in Kosovo. The Serbs warn about a rising German power in Yugoslavia. Let’s look behind the scenes at the real danger that most people in America and Britain refuse to face.
  • What’s Behind The Crisis in Foreign Relations?
  • Europe’s New Policeman
    A shifting alliance: Searching for a new identity since the end of the Cold War, NATO hopes to have found one.
  • Return of The Evil Empire
    A wary nostalgia: Nearly ten years ago, the Soviet Union dissolved, and former Soviet republics looked West, yearning to share in the prosperity of capitalism. But now, after years of frustration and failed economies, many of them are contemplating a return to the old union.
  • Viewpoint: Why Kids Kill
    The Littleton massacre has the whole nation asking questions. What is God’s answer?
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    Alamogordo: A Mistake You Only Make Once
  • Commentary
    The Unseen Hand
    Hope for the future.