Philadelphia Trumpet  •  September 2008  •  Volume 19, No. 8
  • Religion
    Are We Living in the Last Days?
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    How This Magazine Is About to Change
  • Retrospective
    The U.S. Economy
    Remembering the accurate forecasting of Herbert Armstrong
  • WorldWatch
  • Commentary
    We Are What We Appear
    A simple, vital truth too many have gotten sloppy with
  • World
    Healing Our Sick Land
    We are witnessing record disaster levels. Can anything be done?
  • Why You Should Be Concerned About Australia’s Drought
  • What We Lost When We Sold the Farm
    The further mankind has gotten from the land, the further he has gotten from God.
  • Bulldozing Jerusalem
    Some Israelis are calling for the division of their capital city. Will it happen?
  • The Hidden Enemy in America’s Backyard
    Have you noticed? Headlines emerging from South America signal a potential threat to the U.S. greater than Islamism and communism combined.
  • What Happened to the Lion of Judah
    Why has Israel’s fierce, lion-like roar been reduced to a harmless purr?
  • The 1930s All Over Again
    Germany’s economic policy is strengthening its place at the heart of Europe—and irritating the German people. This has happened before.
  • Economy
    Brace for More Bank Failures
    America’s banking system is in collapse.
  • Living
    Teach Your Daughter True Beauty
    Fathers! You may not realize how important physical beauty is to your daughter. Here’s how you can combat society’s lies about beauty and teach your daughter the truth!
  • Science
    The Marvelous Monarch
    It is the work of a master artist. Its bright orange wings, black stripes and white dots make this one of the most easily recognized butterflies in the world. In addition, the life cycle of the monarch butterfly—a remarkably intricate four-stage process called metamorphosis—creates many problems for the theory of evolution. Let’s take a closer look to see why this complex and beautiful creature can so stump the evolutionists.
  • Society
    Why Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Will Always Be Illegal
    California’s judges are forcing the issue down our throats. But they’ll never truly change the law.
  • Religion
    Book Excerpt
    Round Two: WCG, Part Two (Part 21)
    In his book Raising the Ruins, now available in bookstores, Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry exposes the reality of what happened to the Worldwide Church of God. Here is the second half of the 19th chapter.