Philadelphia Trumpet  •  February 2008  •  Volume 19, No. 2
  • From the Editor
    America Is Copying Chamberlain’s Mistakes
    In World War II, Britain’s prime minister dreamed of making peace with Hitler. Today, the U.S. has the same fantasy.
  • Departments
  • Commentary
    Can Joe Biden Save the World?
    American politics suffers from a raging epidemic of braggadocio.
  • World
    Handing the Middle East to Iran
    The high cost of cutting a deal with the Islamic Republic.
  • Band of Brothers
    Why the strong ties that once bound together the United States, Britain and Israel are coming unraveled—and where this will ultimately lead.
  • Meet Australia’s New Prime Minister
    Australia looks primed to turn its focus away from Britain and America and toward Asia. Here’s why this is a dangerous idea.
  • Living
    Best of Both Worlds
    Finding time to read in the information age.
  • Economy
    First Shots of Trade War?
    Will America’s weak dollar trigger a global trade war? The last trade war helped create the Great Depression.
  • Our Economy’s Boiler Room
    Most statistics are just thermometers measuring current conditions. To predict the economy’s future temperature, check the boiler room.
  • Religion
    A Day in the Life
    A personal glimpse into the Herbert W. Armstrong College experience.
  • Book Excerpt
    First Sip of a Bitter Cup (Part 15)
    In his book Raising the Ruins, now available in bookstores, Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry exposes the reality of what happened to the Worldwide Church of God. Here is the 14th chapter.