Philadelphia Trumpet  •  March/April 1998  •  Volume 9, No. 3
  • Cover Story
    America in Crisis
    We have seen many television and newspaper reports about the White House in crisis. But it goes much deeper than that. The whole country is experiencing a nation-threatening crisis. You need to understand why!
  • Founded on a Rock
    To our Founding Fathers, character was everything.
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    A Titanic Lesson
  • Articles
    Rampant Divorce = National Suicide
    Is there a connection between America’s tragic divorce rate and other growing national problems?
  • In Japan We Trust
    “In God we trust” has become an empty slogan on U.S. money. America no longer relies on God, but instead looks to foreigners to keep its economy afloat.
  • The Third Way
    Since the close of World War II, two great economic systems have dominated the world politically and economically—capitalism and communism. Communism has clearly failed. Rampant capitalism has produced a great financial meltdown in Asia. The world’s foremost religious leader is promoting an alternative.