Philadelphia Trumpet  •  October 2016  •  Volume 27, No. 9
  • Nationalizing the Family
    People across the Western world are embracing a bold new vision for family life—without even realizing it.
  • INFOGRAPHIC: The War on Poverty: 50 Years of Failure
  • How Family Can Work
    A look at the family of the future
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    America’s Deadly Nuclear Deal With Iran
    America’s worst foreign-policy debacle ever just paved the way to a nuclear World War III.
  • Features
    All Roads Lead to Beijing
    How China is trying to remake the world
  • The Islamic State of Mind
    A coalition might destroy the Islamic State, but can it destroy the state of being radically Islamic?
  • The Terrible Shrinking Parent
    What happens when parents shrink from using adult authority to guide their children?
  • Japan’s Schindler
    During World War II, thousands of Jewish lives were in the hands of one man—who had orders not to save them.
  • Departments
  • SocietyWatch
  • Principles of Living
    The Faithful Wound
  • Commentary
    The Oceans Declare the Glory of God
    What wild and wonderful sea creatures tell us about the world and worlds beyond