Philadelphia Trumpet  •  May-June 2016  •  Volume 27, No. 5
  • Rise of the Superpresident
    Bypassing the checks and balances imposed by America’s founders, the executive branch has come to new heights of power. 
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    From the Editor
    Watch Germany!
    Europe’s refugee crisis is shaking Europe to its foundations. The shocks will help bring a new leader to power soon who will make a sinister deal with Russia.
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    Save Yourself From Screen Addiction
    Beware. Your wired life is mushing your mind. Here’s the remedy that will save your thinking—and even improve your physical health!
  • Why Are We So Fat?
    Face the real cause of obesity.
  • The Real Agenda Behind Black Lives Matter
    Liberals in academia and in the judiciary have long fought legal battles to undermine the U.S. Constitution. Black activists are threatening to join the fight, but with real bullets. 
  • INFOGRAPHIC: The Fringe Is In
  • Why Is the Pope Meddling in American Politics?
    We need to see Pope Francis’s criticisms of Donald Trump, as well as America’s immigration and economic policy, in context.
  • A Conversation With a British Euroskeptic
    On June 23, the people of Britain will vote on whether or not the United Kingdom should remain in the European Union. British Prime Minister David Cameron is arguing that Britain should stay, but a lot of Britons want out, including political economist Rodney Atkinson. A widely published commentator, journalist and author—as well as a former parliamentary candidate and ministerial adviser—Atkinson has argued against Britain’s part in the EU for decades.
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  • Principles of Living
    A Solid, Simple Nutrition Principle
    Want to eat healthy? Eat whole.
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    Free Money for Everyone!
    Is this a bogus scam or Canadian public policy? It’s both.