Philadelphia Trumpet  •  August 2016  •  Volume 27, No. 7
  • What’s Next for Britain?
    The UK’s decision to leave the European Union was prophesied in the Bible! What does this source of advance news say will follow? 
  • … And What’s Next for Europe?
    The time ahead will be tumultuous—but here is why Europe will emerge stronger than ever.
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    What Really Caused the Orlando Terrorist Attack
  • Features
    America’s Real Enemy
    Politics in America today is full of people pointing fingers and casting blame. But the real source of the nation’s problems is being overlooked. 
  • Diabetes: Are You at Risk?
    Hundreds of millions are. Here’s how to escape the danger. 
  • China’s Hundred-Year Strategy
    Beijing has a documented plan to be the premier global superpower by 2049. It’s over halfway there. 
  • Three Men Who Saved Millions
    Chernobyl could have been a far worse disaster, but for the sacrifice of these heroes most of us have never heard of. 
  • INFOGRAPHIC: The Arab Spring Five Years On
  • Scientist, Astronomer, Mathematician—and Father of Nations
    The fact that ancient records speak of a scientist among the Chaldeans who had a special relationship with ‘the mighty God’ isn’t coincidence. 
  • Lessons From a Broken Land
    Venezuela is becoming a failed state. What will it be after it falls? 
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  • Principles of Living
    Stuff Breaks—Deal With It
    The state of your property reflects the state of your character.
  • Commentary
    Orlando Massacre: The Wrong Lesson
    A Muslim jihadi mass shooting proves the imminent threat of … Christians?