Philadelphia Trumpet  •  August 2015  •  Volume 26, No. 7
  • Features
    Police Under Attack
    What happens when you handcuff the nation’s law enforcement?
  • Features
    The Worst Prison Break in American History
    Part of a pattern in immigration policy that undermines America’s own interests 
  • Why Is the Pope Provoking War in Israel?
    For hundreds of years, the Vatican created rivers of blood trying to seize control of the Holy Land from Muslims. Today the Vatican apparently endorses Palestinian sovereignty. Why?
  • Made in America: A Nuclear Middle East
    Iran’s path toward nuclear power is igniting an arms race in the world’s most dangerous region. 
  • America’s Crumbling Religious Landscape
    Traditional religion is giving way to secularism. How are shifting religious fault lines reshaping the country? 
  • Why We Watch Japan’s March Toward Militarism
    A look at the history of this trend in the news—and its future
  • Take a Walk!
    Whether you’re young or old, a few thousand steps and some fresh air will enhance your life. 
  • Is There a Real Spirit World?
    Most answer with ‘Who can say?’ But that is a dangerous perspective. 
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    The Greatest Lesson Steve Jobs Ever Learned
    A key to his outstanding success that you can apply today
  • WorldWatch
  • SocietyWatch
  • Principles of Living
    Is Your Home Uplifting?
    A checklist of qualities to cultivate in day-to-day family life
  • Commentary
    A Lesson for Today From Pompeii
    Living in the shadow of one of the world’s most threatening volcanoes