July 27, 2015

In his 2009 speech at Cairo University in Egypt, President Barack Obama announced to the world his future plans to work with Islamic nations, specifically about nuclear weapons. He said: “No single nation should pick and choose which nations hold nuclear weapons.” Many people agreed with that statement in general, but failed to see where such rhetoric was leading. Now we see that the president was referring to Iran.

July 25, 2015  •  # $
Does the Iranian nuclear deal make the world safer? The nations hope it will curb Iran’s radical ambitions, but they are ignoring the lessons of history.
July 24, 2015  •  # $
History teaches us what to expect now that Iran got the deal it sought over its nuclear program.
June 23, 2015  •  # $
What happens when you handcuff the nation’s law enforcement?
June 23, 2015  •  # $
A key to his outstanding success that you can apply today
July 18, 2015  •  # $
Charleston citizens reacted admirably to the June massacre of nine churchgoers.
July 11, 2015  •  # $
Russian President Vladimir Putin believes his actions in Crimea are no different than the West’s actions in Yugoslavia in the ’90s.
July 3, 2015  •  # $
The people of Charleston, South Carolina, showed the world the only way to have peace among the races.