Herbert W. Armstrong

What Do You Know About God?

To most people, God is a mystery. But He need not be!

From the Good News, March 1985

Some of our readers are unemployed right now. Others may be in danger of losing their jobs. And yet employers are even now hiring many thousands every month. Someone must replace those who retire, quit, die or are fired. Of course, new jobs constantly open as businesses expand, communities grow, buildings are built and people buy more goods. Who will obtain these jobs depends on certain basic, unseen laws. There are definite economic laws that constantly regulate economic conditions.

Probably you, too, are spiritually powerless! Here is the shocking truth! Read why your prayers are not directly—miraculously—answered! Reprinted from the Good News, February 1983

How many people even ask them? Yet here is a book that purports to answer them.

Taken from the October 1984 Plain Truth.

Here is the root cause of governmental breakdown—and the solution.

This article was written in 1975, when the author was a world traveler, editor in chief of the Plain Truth magazine, a prominent television and radio personality, chancellor of Ambassador College, and pastor general of the Worldwide Church of God—all at the age of 82. His final years were the most productive of his life. He died in 1986, at 93 years old.

Here is the root cause of governmental breakdown—and the solution

How YOU can be protected from the impending nuclear nightmare

This article, excerpted from the June 1966 Plain Truth, gives insight into what set Ambassador College apart from the rest.

Education has become a factory of new knowledge. Yet human discontent, troubles, evils, are increasing in direct ratio with the increase of knowledge. Why?(excerpted from The Plain Truth, Aug./Sept. 1970)

Are the Ten Commandments ‘negative’ and therefore a wrong form of law?