Josué Michels

In the twilight of the Merkel era, a bold new Germany emerges.

Germany is helping its Middle Eastern partner become one of the world’s largest weapons manufacturers.

Austrian Chancellor-elect Sebastian Kurz is seeking the guidance of the Catholic Church.

Even more historic than the size and timing of Israel’s ‘Blue Flag 2017’ exercises are the identities of its participants.

German military strategists prepare for the fall of the European Union and the United States.

Sebastian Kurz has made it his ‘obligation’ to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western Europe, thus bringing Austria closer to its historic and prophetic role.

Meet Andrej Babiš, Czech’s second-richest man, and his ‘new business model’ for his nation.

Meet Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s new chancellor and the world’s youngest head of state.

The recent German election left its political landscape paralyzed, seeking orientation. The eyes of the media and politicians alike are glued to one man.

An Alternative for Germany candidate in the German federal election is the latest leader who is openly proud of Germany’s wartime past.

Baron Guttenberg is proud to promote German culture; should average Germans do the same?

While the EU as a whole cannot agree on solving the migration crisis, a group of core EU countries, along with African countries, agreed to set up border controls in northern Africa.

The media outrage in America against Donald Trump’s statements about Charlottesville was gigantic, but the German media took it a step further.

Europe cooperating with G-5 Sahel to fight terrorism at its roots.

The German chancellor seems headed for yet another election victory, but even her own party is getting ready for life after Angela Merkel.

The recent diesel scandal exposes Germany’s economic vulnerability.

A book labeled as ‘extremist’ is flying off the shelves.

In the absence of a unified European response to the refugee crisis, Italy acts on its own.

Europe is getting more involved in the battle over West Africa.

Germans wonder: What can you do about the enemy within?

The German media is consumed with the comeback of Germany’s most-wanted political superstar, yet it still underestimates him.

The European Union has just unleashed its largest fine ever, but this is only one of the first strikes in a war for market dominance.

Many think President Trump is pushing Germany to remilitarize, but he is actually giving in to what Germany demanded decades ago when NATO was founded.

The spying scandal you should really be concerned about

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