Kieren Underwood

Britain’s Islamic State Fighters Are Returning Home Without Punishment

Terrorists who traveled to Syria are allowed to walk the British streets and could even have their rent paid by taxpayers.

The inspiring news is that people will get change—but not how they expect it.

In the span of 35 days, the United States has suffered two of the five deadliest mass shootings in its history.

‘So for the future, I think the Catholic Church has to play a very important role ….’ –Cardinal Reinhard Marx

Luther’s 95 Theses split the Catholic Church. Now, 500 years removed, Protestants are closer than ever to returning to the fold—as prophesied.

And the West barely notices. We shouldn’t let it go ignored.

The real story in the Brexit negotiations is that it was predicted over half a century ago.

Obamacare remains. Its debt ‘will bankrupt America.’

Cyber is the newest branch of warfare. Even in its baby stages, it has the potential to cripple the United States.

And teens are paying the price.

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un is launching ballistic missiles. In response, Japan’s Shinzō Abe is calling for elections.

… should remind us of Herbert W. Armstrong’s forecast for Europe.

Are the results of a new Pew Research poll actually forecast in the Bible?

The American Dream could be replaced by the Chinese Dream.

In the great game of influence, Pakistan demonstrates that China is gaining the upper hand.

In Europe’s fight against Apple and Google, it might finally achieve a common tax plan.

When tolerance meets religious liberty, religious liberty gives way.

At sea, even China argues its own behavior is illegal.

There is something much different ahead for these two nations.

Australia is in a battle over whom to send to battle.

‘Extremist’ speech, as determined by the government, is banned in Russia.

Keep an open mind, ‘but not so open that your brains fall out.’

Death on the ocean, on an island, and for the idea of the European Union as we know it

Herbert W. Armstrong predicted Xi Jinping’s comment that Russia-China relations are at their ‘best time in history.’ That’s stunning, but not surprising.

‘What happened to the Church of England I used to know?’

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