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By Mark Jenkins, from September 14, 2013 in Featured »
The Day of Atonement shows us that, without God’s help, we cannot tell Jesus Christ apart from Satan the devil.
Higher education tolerates everybody (as long as you think like them).
By Mark Jenkins, from August 26, 2015 in Featured »
As scientists run their biggest race, the U.S. falls behind Europe for good.
For thousands of years, people have gathered at sunrise on Sunday to worship. Even before the Catholic Church began, Romans would face the east and worship the rising sun. That pagan sun worship is, in fact, the origin of the name Sunday, just as the name Thursday refers to the worship of the Norse god Thor.
Why the office should not be maligned.
Jesus said He would be in the grave three days and three nights. But Good Friday to Easter Sunday would make the Messiah out to be a liar. What is the truth about Christ’s resurrection?
By Mark Jenkins and Carl Hilliker, from April 4, 2014 in Featured »
Plain truths about what many Christians consider the holiest day of the year