Pope Benedict: Revive the Roman Empire!

January 3, 2011  •  From theTrumpet.com
The pope is beginning to reveal the true motives of his papacy. It is firmly attached to a revival of an ancient empire!

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What ingenious gathering of knowledge and facts into a wonderfully God inspired article bringing all the puzzle pieces together so we can see it clearly. Thanks to the Trumpet Staff for being a lighthouse in the lost sea of humanity, shining God’s light on His path to guide us in these end of days.
Jay Hayes
Wow! Sir, we will need to reread this again to really grasp what is being stated. A deep and sincere thanks to and your team for all the research and news gathering that has to be done, as the main news sources are working just as hard to conceal these same facts.

Mr. Armstrong liked to point out that he was not bring anything new just stating the facts. Facts that were clear then, are even more clear now with names and faces added to them

Great job, Thank you!
Bruce Doty
It appears as though at least one city in Germany has stepped up to the current call to revive Europe to its former glory.

In an article written in today’s (1, 4, 11) Spiegel on-line, there is evidence of the changing mindset of many of Europe’s citizens.

The heading: Right-Wing Extremism - The Village Where the Neo-Nazis Rule, by Maximilian Popp

He states; “Hitler salutes in the streets and firing practice in the forest: Neo-Nazis have taken over an entire village in Germany, and authorities appear to have given up efforts to combat the problem… ” He goes on to talk about the growing far right-wing influence.

It looks as if those who have been working underground for decades now, have come out of hiding and just as Hitler before them, challenge any who stand to oppose them.