From the Trumpet’s earliest editions, our editor in chief has drawn attention to specific prophetic warnings about race relations in America.
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The book of Zechariah pinpoints two leaders God uses in this end time. To receive God’s precious golden oil and truth, you need to understand who these men are.
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By Kieren Underwood  ·  Friday, August 26
A president, a prime minister, and an ambassador without portfolio with a commission for peace
By Callum Wood  ·  Wednesday, August 24
Is protecting Australia worth as much as a Chinese investment?
By Callum Wood  ·  Monday, August 22
A historic moment—Russian bombers use Iran for the Syria campaign.
By Joel Hilliker  ·  Sunday, August 21
How to sharpen your mind and improve your quality of life
By Josué Michels  ·  Friday, August 19
Striking Bavaria means striking the Catholic heart of a sleeping lion.
By Brent Nagtegaal  ·  Thursday, August 18
Abbas’s decision to hold elections has opened the door for radical Hamas to dominate the West Bank.
By Callum Wood  ·  Tuesday, August 16
Is this good news or bad news for Western efforts to curtail China’s rise?
By Richard Palmer  ·  Monday, August 15
After a string of horrifying terrorist attacks in France and Germany, Europe’s fundamental choice is unthinkable—and inescapable.
By David Vejil  ·  Sunday, August 14
China will take more than your manufacturing job.
By Jeremiah Jacques  ·  Friday, August 12
By Richard Palmer  ·  Friday, August 12
The EU’s embrace of one of the world’s most loathed leaders may be hypocritical, but it has strong strategic reasons for backing him.
By Philip Nice  ·  Thursday, August 11
What if ‘those bums in Washington’ aren’t bums?
By Josué Michels  ·  Wednesday, August 10
A new white paper for the German Army and a new interpretation of the Basic Law
By Richard Palmer  ·  Wednesday, August 10
Demands for it are getting louder than ever. Here is why we know it will happen.
By Gerald Flurry  ·  Tuesday, August 9
Assassinations of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge mark a dangerous escalation of race hatred. America’s highest-ranking leaders are fueling the problem.
By Kieren Underwood  ·  Monday, August 8
Black power, freedom and justice—but only their way
By Richard Palmer  ·  Sunday, August 7
Pope Francis says that Islam is a religion of peace. Many, even in the church today, say he’s wrong.
By Callum Wood  ·  Friday, August 5
China ramps up the rhetoric against Australia, but will it amount to anything?
Aired Sun., Aug. 28  ·  27 min
Revelation 10 discusses two end-time messages. The first is the most important book since the Bible. The second describes how God’s people rebelled against the message of that book.
Aired Fri., Aug. 19  ·  27 min
Blow the dust off your Bible—literally! Check the latest Trumpet Daily episode: “Inside the British Museum”
July 31, 2016
God said He would give a sign showing when He would begin to shake the nations in this end time. That sign has already arrived. Do you know what it is?
June 28, 2016