Is Britain now out of the EU? Will Scotland leave? The Trumpet answers your questions about the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote.
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The Orlando shooting is a prime example of the chaos gripping America today. What is the cause of such devastating bloodshed?
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By Josué Michels  ·  Wednesday, June 29
Latin America’s political shifts are opening doors for Germany’s economy.
By Brent Nagtegaal  ·  Tuesday, June 28
Stopping arms from reaching the Islamic State is a worthy mission, but is there more to the upgrade of Operation Sophia?
By Josué Michels  ·  Tuesday, June 28
Many blame the huge influx of refugees for increased violence in Germany—but there is more to it.
Monday, June 27
On this day, Edward Gibbon completed his masterful work The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.
By Andrew Miiller and Sam Livingston  ·  Monday, June 27
The reason mass shootings have increased threefold since 2011 is because the moral fiber of America is breaking down.
By Callum Wood  ·  Monday, June 27
Revoking a Shiite cleric’s citizenship ignites public furor.
By Richard Palmer  ·  Sunday, June 26
Germany and China form a ‘new alliance’ to work together abroad.
By Gerald Flurry  ·  Sunday, June 26
Friday, June 24
Britons voted to leave the European Union. Brexit is now reality. Herbert W. Armstrong forecast it in 1973. How did he know?
By David Vejil  ·  Friday, June 24
Britain’s departure from Europe is a geopolitically significant event. But did you know Bible prophecy said it would happen?
By Richard Palmer  ·  Thursday, June 23
Watch the Brexit vote today. Whichever way it goes, it could mark a turning point for Europe and the world.
By Kieren Underwood  ·  Thursday, June 23
But not the way the experts recommend
By Callum Wood  ·  Thursday, June 23
Consolidating power in the Panama Canal
By Stephen Flurry  ·  Wednesday, June 22
By Josué Michels  ·  Wednesday, June 22
Germany’s reluctance to take on more leadership has ended.
By Abraham Blondeau  ·  Wednesday, June 22
The real stakes in the Brexit debate
By Jeremiah Jacques  ·  Tuesday, June 21
When it comes to end-of-life procedures, many doctors choose not to take their own medicine.
By Tyrel Schlote  ·  Monday, June 20
Changing ideals are leading to the destruction of national symbols.
By Callum Wood  ·  Saturday, June 18
The geopolitical significance of an age-old rivalry
By Kieren Underwood  ·  Friday, June 17
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wants all the fighters he can possibly get.
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The Orlando shooting is a prime example of the chaos gripping America today. What is the cause of such devastating bloodshed?
Aired Mon., Jun. 27  ·  27 min
One third of the Bible is prophecy. Where are we now on the prophetic time line?
Jun. 28, 2016
Politics in America today is full of people pointing fingers and casting blame. But the real source of the nation’s problems is being overlooked. 
Jun. 28, 2016