Learn about the spiritual warfare that began before mankind was created and continues to this day.
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Por Kieren Underwood  ·  Tuesday, September 27
‘This is quite amazing for us. In 2,000 years, this text has not changed.’
Por Anthony Chibarirwe  ·  Tuesday, September 27
Using rogue nations as allies and diplomacy as a cover, the Islamic Republic is exporting its revolution to Central and South America.
Por Richard Palmer  ·  Monday, September 26
The consequences of Berlin’s elections reach around the world.
Por Dennis Leap  ·  Sunday, September 25
What happens when parents shrink from using adult authority to guide their children?
Por Andrew Miiller  ·  Friday, September 23
Military personnel need sound counsel more than ever, but the Obama administration is making it illegal for Christian chaplains to give Bible-based advice.
Por Jeremiah Jacques  ·  Thursday, September 22
It’s more important to success than intelligence or talent.
Por Richard Palmer  ·  Wednesday, September 21
How China is trying to remake the world
Por Kieren Underwood  ·  Tuesday, September 20
As Merkel deals with Syria, Turkey, immigrants and terrorism, her popularity is falling. What will come next?
Por Anthony Chibarirwe  ·  Monday, September 19
A coalition might destroy the Islamic State, but can it destroy the state of being radically Islamic?
Por Callum Wood  ·  Sunday, September 18
The Philippine president is courting his Asian neighbors.
Por Kieren Underwood  ·  Friday, September 16
The United States promised a strong response if North Korea tested a fifth nuclear device. Don’t hold your breath.
Por Sam Livingston  ·  Friday, September 16
Many people think so. Here’s the danger.
Por Andrew Miiller  ·  Thursday, September 15
People across the Western world are embracing a bold new vision for family life—without even realizing it.
Por Callum Wood  ·  Wednesday, September 14
Could ongoing protests lead to social breakdown?
Por Richard Palmer  ·  Tuesday, September 13
It’s not about taxation—it’s about building a superstate.
Por Abraham Blondeau  ·  Monday, September 12
It is the foundation of world order. What happens if it crumbles?
Por Jeremiah Jacques  ·  Sunday, September 11
During World War II, thousands of Jewish lives were in the hands of one man—who had orders not to save them.
Por Richard Palmer  ·  Saturday, September 10
Are German leaders already jockeying for position in the post-Merkel world?
Por Brad Macdonald  ·  Friday, September 9
Germany’s government, especially Angela Merkel, is proving inadequate. For a leader with the right personality and leadership, this could be a terrific opportunity to seize control of Germany.
Por Gerald Flurry  ·  Thursday, September 8
America’s worst foreign-policy debacle ever just paved the way to a nuclear World War III.
Aired Sun., Sept. 25  ·  27 min
Learn about the spiritual warfare that began before mankind was created and continues to this day.
Aired Fri., Sept. 23  ·  27 min
This is what happens to a nation when the family collapses.
Aug. 1, 2016
Assassinations of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge mark a dangerous escalation of race hatred. America’s highest-ranking leaders are fueling the problem.
July 31, 2016
God said He would give a sign showing when He would begin to shake the nations in this end time. That sign has already arrived. Do you know what it is?