How the incredible history of a Persian king can change your view of the Bible
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The people of Charleston, South Carolina, showed the world the only way to have peace among the races.
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Dangerous undertones from Australia’s Muslim Community?
The world is becoming a more dangerous place, and the blame largely rests with America. 
Radical Iranian rhetoric—or something far more serious?
What happened in Missouri is only the beginning.
Europe’s 10 kings are beginning to take shape.
France doesn’t look to America for help, but instead turns to the European Union.


Success Academy schools provide objective proof.
It’s more than a marketing scheme.
And the historically highest sales month of December is still to come.
Despite claims of an imminent renaissance in the sector, manufacturing looks set for a record annual deficit.
All you need to know about everything in the news this week
All you need to know about everything in the news this week
The Key of David
The biblical record of God’s Church abruptly ends during the lifetime of the Apostle John. Why?
The ‘little book’ found in Revelation has arrived on the scene in this end time. Concurrently, God has stopped holding back world events. Nations are now speeding rapidly toward World War III!
How the assassination of President John F. Kennedy proves that foreign intervention in Cuba remains a clear and present danger.
November 20, 2015  •  25 minutes
He forecasted Germany would become the powerhouse of Europe—in 1945!