Evil Empire Next Door


In February, we cited a survey conducted last year in Europe that found the United States tied for second on a list of nations Europeans considered to be a threat to world peace. We noted another study where scholarly elites representing two thirds of the world population—the Chinese, Russians, Indians, Arabs, Muslims and Africans—looked upon America as the single greatest threat to their societies. While these findings are surprising, at least they came from overseas, representing regions that are increasingly becoming more anti-American.

But coming from Canadian youths, it’s a little harder to explain.

According to a recent study, 40 percent of Canadian teens consider the United States an “evil” nation. Not just a threat—but evil. Among French-Canadians, the figure was even higher—64 percent.

Of course, if they mean evil because of America’s immoral culture that glorifies ungodly living, then that’s understandable. But we suspect the views of these teens are more reflective of liberal propaganda coming from media elite and educators who look upon the United States as the real terrorist threat in the world.