Germany, China Pledge Closer Economic Ties

German and Chinese leaders promised to enhance bilateral business ties at an industrial fair on April 21. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao both spoke at the economic forum, which was held in Hanover, Germany.

In 2011, trade between China and Germany totaled $190 billion. Wen said that the two nations want to increase that figure to $280 billion by 2015. China and Germany are the world’s two biggest exporters.

Although China chalked up a €14.5 billion trade surplus last year over its largest European trade partner, German exporters are finding more success in China than their European peers. In one such example, Wen was on hand at Volkswagen headquarters on April 23 as the German automaker signed a deal to build a new plant in the Xinjiang region.

The Trumpet forecasts that a “mart of nations” will work in confederacy to dominate global trade for a short period of time at America’s expense. This conglomerate will be led by the German-led European Union and China. These pledges of closer cooperation in Hanover point to the fulfillment of this forecast based on Bible prophecy. To learn more about the future of the global economy, read “The Silk Superhighway.”