I Was Sacked for Intelligent Design, Says NASA Scientist

I Was Sacked for Intelligent Design, Says NASA Scientist


Former team leader of the Cassini mission to Saturn, David Coppedge, claims he was demoted and eventually lost his job because he preached intelligent design to his co-workers, according to a court case in Los Angeles Superior Court. Opening statements were held March 12, after Coppedge was demoted from his job as team leader at nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (jpl) in 2009 and then lost his job in 2011.

“It’s part of a pattern. There is basically a war on anyone who dissents from Darwin, and we’ve seen that for several years,” said John West from the Discovery Institute, who is supporting Coppedge’s case. “This is free speech, freedom of conscience 101.”

Josh Rosenau, programs and policy director at the National Center for Science Education, which promotes the teaching of evolution in public schools, disagrees. “It looks like a pretty straightforward case,” he said. “The mission that he was working on was winding down, and he was laid off.”

Coppedge says his conversations about intelligent design and distribution of dvds on the subject, along with protesting the naming of the annual party a “Holiday Party” instead of a “Christmas Party,” and his opposition to homosexual “marriage,” led to his demotion. jpl said he was officially warned after his co-workers complained he was harassing them, and that he was demoted because of conflicts with other staff.

Israel, Gaza Strip Erupt in Violence

Cross-border violence has erupted between Israel and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The fighting so far has killed 21 Gazans, including 18 terrorists, and two Israelis have been seriously wounded.

The outbreak started when Israel killed a top Palestinian militant leader on Friday. Since then, Palestinians in Gaza have shot more than 240 rockets at Israel, according to the Israeli government. The Israel Defense Forces have responded with nine air attacks against rocket-launching sites and a weapons storage facility.

Although the violence shows no immediate signs of subsiding, both Hamas and Israel seem inclined to avoid a repeat of the warfare that erupted in Gaza three years ago during Operation Cast Lead.

As it has since that conflict, Hamas continues to stay out of the current clashes for fear of provoking a harsh Israeli retaliation.

While the current outbreak of violence in Gaza may be more or less contained, continue to watch the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This ongoing clash—along with its equally dangerous “peace process”—will ultimately lead to an explosion of war that will engulf Israel and spark another world war.

Lone U.S. Soldier Kills Afghan Villagers

A U.S. soldier murdered 16 Afghan villagers on March 11, according to numerous reports. The veteran army staff sergeant left his base in southern Afghanistan and walked to a village where he methodically shot Afghan civilians, including women and children. He appears to have made no attempt to conceal his actions.

President Obama called Afghan President Hamid Karzai to express his condolences, and nato officials have apologized for the shootings.

The relationship between the United States and Afghanistan is already shaky. Last month, six U.S. soldiers were murdered by Afghan soldiers who were supposedly their allies. The killings were apparently a retaliation against Americans burning copies of the Koran at Bagram Air Field on February 20.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also gave her condolences during a previously planned one-day trip to visit German troops in Afghanistan on March 12. While there, Merkel said that after Germany withdraws in 2014, it will continue to help reconstruct Afghanistan.

This latest round of violence has damaged America’s international image, and it will likely hasten an early U.S. withdrawal in 2013. On the other end of the spectrum, Germany’s international prestige is on the rise. Watch for Berlin to continue filling the leadership vacuum that America is leaving behind.

The Power of the Two Marios

The Power of the Two Marios

Andreas Solaro/AFP/Getty Images

Two Jesuit-educated technocrats, Mario Draghi and Mario Monti, hold sway amid Europe’s crisis.

It was hardly headline news outside of Europe, yet the most recent European Union summit was one of the most historic and prophetically significant for some time.

“A new treaty to impose greater fiscal discipline on eurozone members and eight others (but not Britain or the Czech Republic) was signed today after being negotiated in record time” (EU Observer, March 2).

In fact, given the reality that this treaty is by deliberate design of the German elites presently charting the course of the European financial crisis, one could even muse that this treaty was signed according to blitzkrieg timing.

Ever the subject of bickering and arguing when this fiscal union was first mooted by Germany, it is amazing how, when push came to shove, 25 disparate EU member nations—including eight not even part of the eurozone—rolled over like Rover and supinely yielded to the will of Berlin.

In the wake of the signing of this latest EU treaty, the press and mass media in Europe reported that Europe as a whole, and as a consequence the world, breathed somewhat easier. The banking sector was stabilized for the moment and the stock markets commenced an upswing.

Yet, the hidden reality here is that there’s another power in action behind the scenes exerting great influence on the European, and thus the world, economy to which few are paying any real attention at this juncture.

EU Observer noted that “If Europe can breathe more easily it is thanks in large part to two Italians called Mario. First, Italy’s technocratic prime minister, Mario Monti, has started to pull Italy back from the brink through budget cuts and structural reforms.

“More importantly, Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank, has administered a double shot of financial morphine—cheap three-year loans to any eurozone bank that asks for the money—that has eased the acute pain” (ibid).

The power and the influence of these two Jesuit-educated sons of Rome—and, even more importantly, the spirit that moves them—in crafting Europe’s financial and economic future is not yet fully realized by most commentators.

Some time ago we pointed our readers to these two men and advocated watching them closely. What the two Marios represent is the beginning of a change in the leadership of Europe from a Franco-German nexus to a Romano-German leadership.

This is powerfully prophetic.

As EU Observer notes, “Mr. Monti wants to break the Franco-German duumvirate.” To do this he is “building alliances with northern liberals on the issue of the single market.”

By referencing the “single market” concept, Monti is signaling that he will be pushing for the old Common Market idea, on which the EU was built, to be further crafted into a centrally controlled market. “Mario Monti, the Italian prime minister, says that as well as a ‘fiscal compact’ the EU needs an ‘economic compact’” (ibid).

You see the progression here. The strategy is being brilliantly played out by EU elites, while the world at large remains blindingly ignorant of the grave danger it ultimately poses to global stability. A danger that poses the greatest of threats to the Anglo-Saxon nations.


The elites forced monetary union on the majority of EU member nations in a devious plan that, as Bernard Connolly has clearly proved, was set up to deliberately fail. The inevitable failure of monetary union would force the eurozone nations to become dependent on Europe’s most powerful nation—the very nation that crafted the concept of monetary union—for financial bailout. The bailouts would come with conditions attached which would leave EU member nations ultimately yielding up control of their economies to the diktat of Berlin. This it would do via the enforcement of a fiscal union.

With the fiscal union now blitzkrieged into place, this leaves the way clear for the negotiation of yet another EU treaty—the one that Mario Monti is now touting—an “economic compact,” opening the way for the creation of a command economy centrally controlled by EU elites.

If you truly understand Bible prophecy for these times, your mind will already be turning to Revelation 17:12-13 and 13:17.

Those prophecies foreshadow the rise of a northern power bloc of 10 nations, in a “compact” with an overarching “duumvirate” consisting of an economic-politico-military power and an overriding spiritual power, operating as though with one mind with the single-minded purpose of global domination.

Decades before it became a present-day reality, we long identified Germany as the leading economic-politico-military power that would lead this European combine. Now a plethora of secular headlines declare that fact. The Fourth Reich is a reality in substance, if not yet in fully asserting its power.

But what has not been so apparent is the behind-the-scenes influence of Rome.

Since the appointment of the two Marios to highly influential positions within the EU last year, the power of Rome’s influence over the EU and its financial-economic structure is becoming highly evident.

Once more we reiterate, watch the two Marios. They are in the vanguard of Rome’s push for spiritual dominance over the Eurobeast.

As you watch, remember the words of that visionary servant of God who long ago declared of the rising European power: “It has started already, through the economic Common Market and the recently implemented ems (European Monetary System). Its leaders talk continually of political union—which means, also, military. So far they have been unable to bring about full political union. This will be made possible by the ‘good offices’ of the Vatican, who alone can be the symbol of unity to which they can look. Two popes already have offered their ‘good offices’ toward such union” (The United States and Britain in Prophecy).

A third pope, a German pope, is now stepping up the initiating of the further “good offices” of the Vatican via his publicly announced program for an aggressive “new evangelization” of Europe, garnering the wayward back into Rome’s fold in Europe.

As France fades into the background in the leadership of the European Union, watch for Rome to increasingly strengthen its bonds with Germany and rapidly come to the fore in partnership with Berlin to bring about the rise of the “king of the north” to full power—church and state—as exactly prophesied in your Bible.

As you watch these events unfold, keep in mind what a powerful sign they are of the very imminence of the return of Jesus Christ. He will not only subdue this “king of the north,” as your Bible prophesies, at His return. He will overcome any and all resistance to Almighty God by each and every nation through the imposition of His Kingdom, under His law, and establish peace among all nations, universally forever!

Greek Debt Swap Clears Way for Bailout

On March 9, the Greek government secured the support from most of its bondholders for a crucial bond swap on Friday. This swap is a necessary step for Greece to qualify for its second massive international bailout.

The deal is the largest restructuring of government debt in history. It will cut Greece’s debts by about €107 billion. The deal involves €172 billion worth of debt so far. More than 80 percent of Greece’s investors are taking losses of up to 74 percent.

“This is a big day for Greece. They have managed to secure €107 billion off their debt. This debt swap deal has also paved the way for €130 billion in bailout loans from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund,” said Associated Press business editor Phil Tutt.

A derivatives industry body will soon determine whether this will be considered a credit event, a technical name for a default. It is expected to rule the swap as a default, the first time in 60 years that a developed country has defaulted on its debt. However, it doesn’t look like the credit event will have an impact on the market.

Both the European Union and the International Monetary Fund said that the debt swap is necessary for Greece to receive its €130 billion bailout.

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said in a news conference today that he is “happy about the success,” but that there is “no reason to give the all-clear.” Germany is the largest contributor to the bailout fund and has used its huge financial leverage to undermine Greece’s sovereignty in dealing with the crisis.

Continue to watch Greece; its debt situation is still far from resolved. Expect to see a trend: The more money Greece accepts, the more sovereignty it will have to give up, and the more power Germany will wield in the eurozone.

IMF Director Lagarde Calls Euro Second Reserve Currency

The managing director of the International Monetary Fund said on March 9 that the euro is the world’s second reserve currency.

Christine Lagarde made these comments during an interview about the euro crisis with the pbs. Lagarde said she was positive that Europe can conquer the crisis if it works together.

“I don’t think that it will split up, and I don’t think that the euro is going to become irrelevant. I think it’s the second reserve currency in the world today, it is much stronger than it was when it was launched about 10 years ago,” said Lagarde.

The Trumpet has forecast for many years that global confidence in the American economy will evaporate, and the dollar will lose its reserve currency status. Though Europe’s economy is also facing many challenges, European confidence is still growing, especially as Germany takes on more leadership.

Continue to watch Europe’s currency. Whether it maintains its current form or is transformed through this crisis, the next reserve currency will be European.