Breaking the Brotherhood


Israel is a tiny country surrounded by enemies. Perhaps the biggest weapon in its arsenal keeping those enemies at bay is its alliance with America.

But how strong is that alliance? Generally, it seems to be carved in granite. Lately, however, on a few notable occasions, Washington, probably in an effort to appear more impartial, has made some less-than-friendly gestures. A recent, notable example was its Nov. 26, 2003, reduction by $290 million of loan guarantees to Israel. This move was intended to protest Israel’s ongoing settlement activity and building of a security wall along Gaza and the West Bank. (Incidentally, statistics indicate the partially completed wall, built to prevent homicide bombers and other terrorists from infiltrating Israel, is having its intended effect—saving Jewish lives.)

This raises an interesting question.

For many Arabs, the number-one reason to hate America is its support for Israel. As the U.S. war against terrorism continues to yield high bills, a steady body count and a booming crop of anti-Americanism worldwide, is it possible that Americans will begin to think, Why are we making ourselves such a target over that little country?

Prophecy suggests such an eventuality.

In Zechariah 11:14 is a prophecy that God would “break the brotherhood between Judah and Israel.” This may well refer to a future rift between America (biblical Israel) and the Jewish state (Judah). If America turned its back on the Jews, it would leave little Israel isolated and vulnerable.

This may be the scenario that hastens half of Jerusalem being taken (Zech. 14:2), which will lead to Israel’s downfall. Request our booklet Jerusalem in Prophecy to better understand these future events.