The Trumpet’s Bias


If you’re interested, we can suggest one important news source that bases its reporting on the only sure word of truth there is, while endeavoring to provide the context necessary to explain the real significance behind world events.

But be forewarned—our endorsement might be biased.

The Trumpet has not hypocritically flip-flopped on major issues just because our favorite political party happens to be in office. We are not backed financially by any special interest group or big corporation. And you have probably noticed that there is no paid advertising in this magazine. Nor is there a subscription price.

Think about what all this means. We are not trying to appeal to advertisers, politicians, corporations, special interest groups, a wealthy philanthropist—or even subscribers! Think about the pressure that removes and the freedom it gives us to simply publish the truth of God in love.

If the Trumpet is biased because it leans toward God’s perspective, then so be it. But that bias, together with our unbiased, non-political world-view, is what makes this magazine TOTALLY unique.