Qadhafi’s fall imminent?

As Andrew McCarthy at National Review Online wrote yesterday,

The Libyan mujahideen (aka the “rebels”) have reportedly entered Tripoli, captured at least one of Muammar Qadhafi’s sons, and are closing in on Qadhafi’s compound. It appears that those who wanted Qadhafi supplanted by an unknown that is known only to include virulently anti-American Islamists are about to get their wish. Here’s hoping that they are right and I am wrong about what happens next.

McCarthy has reason to be worried. As Stratfor pointed out, “The decision to frame the National Transitional Council as an optimal replacement to the Qadhafi regime was made in haste, when policymakers had very little information on the identity of the rebel forces” (August 2).

Last Monday, Stratfor further pointed out: “[W]hat regime changes that might come of the civil wars in Libya and Syria are not going to be clearly victorious, those that are victorious are not going to be clearly democratic and those that are democratic are obviously not going to be liberal.”

Keep an eye on Libya for the outcome to the Libyan conflict to be favorable to Iran. Read “Libya and Ethiopia Reveal Iran’s Military Strategy” and “An Islamic Takeover of Libya and Ethiopia Is Imminent” to find out why.