Resurrecting the Gestapo


When Germany surrendered on May 7, 1945, the Allies wanted to make certain that the German killing machine would never rise again. Germany was divided and conquered—its military stripped, its economy in rubble—and the Berlin-based secret services, the SS and Gestapo offices, were supposedly eliminated.

Today, nearly 60 years later, Germany is once again united, has its own military and has the largest economy in Europe—the third largest national economy in the world. And on top of this, the coalition Green Party in Germany recently proposed that the German secret services once again be centralized in Berlin.

“A press release of the party [Alliance 90/the Greens] states that the decentralized structure of the German Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV)—which had been established as a reaction to the concentration of the secret services during the Nazi era—now makes its activities ‘very ineffective’ …” (, June 24; emphasis mine throughout).

The last time these secret services were centralized was during World War iiunder the name of the SS and Gestapo!

The very reason that the German secret services were decentralized was to prevent another rise of Nazism in Germany. Now, these safeguards are deemed “ineffective.” When this proposal is accepted, German secret service and intelligence agencies will be united once again in the historic capital of Imperial Germany, Berlin.

“The reconstruction, modeled on an organization customary during the empire and the Nazi regime and with the objective to encompass the whole continent, nears completion” (ibid.). Germany is getting back to its roots! Even long before its Nazi past, Germany was the leader of the Holy Roman Empire—the empire referred to in the quote above.

Amazingly, even as Nazi Germany was being invaded on D-day, Herbert Armstrong predicted the rise of German-led Europe once again. “When it appeared, after the ‘D-day’ crossing of the channel, that Hitler faced defeat, I continued to say that Germany would rise out of defeat, and ultimately Europe would unite in a modern United States of Europe. No one believed it, then” (Plain Truth, February 1970).

Now we can see this fulfillment with our own eyes! A major step is about to be taken by the German government. If the secret services are centralized in Berlin—and this looks highly probable—Germany will be one large stride closer to a complete resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire.