Prophecy Comes Alive in Egypt!

The upheaval in Egypt demonstrates the veracity of Bible prophecy— in particular a prophecy our editor in chief has been pointing to for 18 years.

Now that Hosni Mubarak is gone, what will happen to Egypt? Commentators are all over the map on Egypt’s future, with predictions ranging from a Western-style democracy to an Islamic state. There is little certainty on how these volatile events will play out and what they will mean for the region and the world.

But there is a way we can know. It is because we have “a more sure word of prophecy” (2 Peter 1:19) that we can know Egypt’s future. It is also because of that “sure word” that the Trumpet was not surprised at recent events in that country. In fact, our editor in chief has forecast such developments for over 18 years.

The Basic Prophecy

End-time prophecies regarding Egypt revolve around one pivotal prophecy. It describes a massive clash between a northern Catholic power and a southern Islamic power that will trigger World War iii. The southern power—termed the “king of the south”—will provoke a massive retaliation by the northern power—the “king of the north.” The prophecy is detailed in Daniel 11:40-42.

When the southern Islamic power is overthrown, “the land of Egypt shall not escape,” verse 42 says. It is this scripture that Gerald Flurry has consistently drawn attention to for insight into the future of Egyptian politics.

In the December 1994 Trumpet, Mr. Flurry explained the significance of verse 42 thus: “Egypt is conquered by the king of the north probably because of an alliance with the king of the south.” The king of the south, Mr. Flurry believed, would be radical Islam, headed by Iran. This Iranian-led Islamic movement, he wrote, was already “very strong in Egypt and Algeria.” He went on to state: “This religion will probably take control of both countries very soon.”

A year and a half before that, based on the same prophecy, Mr. Flurry wrote, “Islamic extremism is gaining power at a frightening pace in Egypt. I believe this prophecy in Daniel 11:42 indicates you are about to see a radical change in Egyptian politics!” (Trumpet, July 1993).

Throughout the 18 years since, the Trumpet has reiterated this basic prophecy that Egypt would be taken over by Islam. Now, with the popular uprising, the fall of Mubarak and the rise of the opposition movement largely controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt is in more danger than ever of falling to the Islamist camp.

In the August 1998 Trumpet, Mr. Flurry pointed to this scripture again, including verse 43: “But he [the king of the north] shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.”

“Twice it mentions that Egypt will not escape,” Mr. Flurry wrote. He went on to point out that Egypt had been the most moderate nation in the Middle East for 20 years but that Iran was already pushing Egypt toward its camp. “That is because Egypt fears terrorism and their own radical Muslims,” he wrote. Indeed, Egypt continued to draw closer to Iran as President Hosni Mubarak tried to placate the increasingly radical Egyptian population.

A “Radical Change” in Egyptian Politics

In the 2001 edition of his booklet The King of the South, Mr. Flurry elaborated further on the Daniel 11 prophecy: “Egypt is mentioned apart from the king of the south. This proves that Egypt is not the king of the south, although anciently it was in type. Today, Egypt is the most stable country in the Arab world. It is viewed as the leader of the more moderate, stable Arabs. But recently, Egypt has become much more friendly to Iran and more distant from Israel and the West.”

Again, Mr. Flurry emphasized, “The king of the north will destroy the king of the south—and Egypt. Why Egypt? Is it because Egypt was allied with the king of the south? Does that mean radical Islam will soon control or direct Egyptian politics?” (emphasis ours throughout).

Four years later, the Muslim Brotherhood won 88 seats in parliamentary elections—about one fifth of the parliamentary seats, a six-fold increase over the previous election. And this despite the Mubarak regime’s authoritarian measures to quash and disqualify opponents.

Mr. Flurry speculated that President Hosni Mubarak could be assassinated by Islamists just as Anwar Sadat was. “This could radically change Egyptian politics even more quickly,” similar to what happened in Iran’s 1979 revolution, he wrote. “In the past, Egyptian politics have been changed radically by Middle East assassinations and other violent acts directed by Iran. Such acts can rapidly change the minds of people. Revolutions often result. However it happens, Egypt will also become the enemy of the king of the north.”

In the June 2003 Trumpet, Mr. Flurry wrote that in Egypt, “Islamic extremism—which spawns terrorism—is gaining power at a frightening pace.” Again, in reference to Daniel 11:42, he asked, “Does that mean radical Islam will soon control or direct Egyptian politics? Bible prophecy answers YES.”

In the November 2003 edition, Mr. Flurry declared that a radical change in Egyptian politics is “happening before our eyes in this end time, and it is mainly because [of] Iran’s ‘push’ toward radicalism.”

Loss of an Ally

On Jan. 3, 2006, Mr. Flurry wrote a letter to Philadelphia Church of God members and co-workers giving further insight on the direction Egypt was headed and what this would mean for America. “We have said for years that Egypt has been a friend to the West,” he wrote. “But, because of this prophecy [Daniel 11:42], we also said that could change.”

He continued: “Now we can clearly see Egypt moving in that direction. The Muslim Brotherhood (MB), though officially banned, is now Egypt’s largest and most influential opposition party. It is clear that this outlawed radical Islamic group has made significant inroads in Egyptian politics. …

“The political success of this long-established Islamic group can be perceived as a sign of a fundamental shift in Egyptian politics. The Brotherhood’s rising popularity indicates many things—among them, a love for Islamic leadership and law in Egypt, and a hatred for the government of President Mubarak.” Opinion polls—and events—since then have verified these statements.

“The time is coming when the MB could gain heavy influence or even control over Egypt,” Mr. Flurry continued. “This is apparently what a growing number of Egyptians want. President Mubarak is growing older (he’s in his 70s), and his health is ailing.

As the MB grows more popular, it will strengthen its ties with Islamic powers throughout the region—especially Iran. … As Mubarak’s health weakens and the MB grows stronger, watch for Cairo to distance itself from America. Should the MB ever take control, there is no doubt that a strong alliance between Iran and Egypt will be built.

“Certainly, as discontent with the political system in Egypt increases, we can expect to see the Islamists grow in popularity. A change of leadership WILL occur—and probably sooner rather than later.”

This “discontent with the political system” has now erupted. Watch now for the Islamists, the most organized opposition movement, to angle for control.

Egypt-Iran Alliance

In a March 2008 Trumpet article titled “Iran-Egypt Alliance Prophesied,” Mr. Flurry again focused on this end-time prophecy. He outlined how the assassination of Sadat “bitterly divided Egypt and Iran,” but despite that, “Egypt and Iran would become very close allies in this end time.” According to Daniel, “Egypt happens to be one of the allies of the king of the south, and that forebodes a lot of bad news for the Egyptians,” Mr. Flurry wrote.

Again pointing to a radical change in Egyptian politics, he said: “The moderate government in Egypt is being threatened by a popular and growing Iranian-aligned, anti-American, radical Islamist movement. In fact, we expect the most radical elements within Egypt to assume control and directly ally themselves with Iran. This worst-case scenario for the U.S. is just what the Bible prophesied will occur soon.

“Already Iranian President Ahmadinejad has said, ‘We are determined to pursue normalization of relations with Egypt, and if the Egyptian government declares its readiness, before the working hour is over today, we are willing to open Iran’s embassy in Cairo.’ The head of Iran’s National Security Council said Iran was willing to help Egypt produce nuclear energy. Events are moving at a greatly accelerated pace! …

“We know the radical Islamic movement in Egypt will certainly have a lot of influence in Egyptian politics; and it’s going to swing that nation toward Iran. Ultimately, that means bad news for Egypt because of the final outcome.”

Proof of the Bible

After President Barack Obama spoke at Cairo University in June of 2009, Mr. Flurry again warned, “Egypt is about to experience a radical change!” Responding to the fact that President Obama had invited members of the Muslim Brotherhood to his speech, Mr. Flurry said, “No doubt the Muslim Brotherhood is going to gain control of Egypt.” The Brotherhood’s “invitation to hear that speech from the leader of the free world absolutely strengthens its cause! … How much did America’s president help the terrorist cause? Probably far more than we imagine. Regardless, God’s prophecy will be fulfilled!” (Trumpet, August 2009).

Now, Mubarak is out and the Muslim Brotherhood is on the cusp of becoming part of a new government in Egypt—one that will undoubtedly draw closer to Iran. Beyond what this means for Egypt, the Middle East and the rest of the world, these stunning developments are evidence of one of the biggest proofs of the Bible. As Mr. Flurry wrote in his March 2008 article, “Daniel was written over 2,500 years ago. God knew Egypt would retain the same name it had almost from the beginning and that it would ally itself with Iran! That’s something to get excited about, because one of the foundational proofs of the Bible being God’s Word is fulfilled prophecy!”

But further, what does God purpose we do with this “more sure word of prophecy”? “[Y]e do well that ye take heed,” the Apostle Peter admonished, “as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn …” (2 Peter 1:19). Fulfilled prophecy is a light leading to a new day—marked by the return of Jesus Christ!