Aiming to Go Nuclear?


We are becoming used to the future prospect of Japan possessing nuclear weapons as a counterweight to China, North Korea, India and Japan in the Far East. But Germany? Dare we trust this historically warlike nation with such a weapon? Well, given the language of the new constitution for the European Union, it is already a fait accomplis!

It is clear within the context of the draft constitution that member nations cede the power of command and control of their armed forces, including all weaponry owned by that state, to the central control of the EU. But what is particularly worrisome in this equation is the basket of demands that the German General Staff (newly revived, notwithstanding the Allies of World War ii having determined it was to cease existence in all perpetuity) is submitting in support of an EU army. One of its demands is that the central command of the future European army be given access to British and French nuclear arms.

“These demands are the object of an 11-page paper … developed by the leadership of the German military and attributed to the highest-ranking military commandant of the Federal Armed Forces, the inspector general. The catalogue of demands states that the European Union would have to develop independent military capabilities, while backed by the security of its own military-political influence,’ in order to be able to act independently of the U.S.” (, May 3).

But the kicker is a brazen assumption which the Germans make with absolutely no apparent eye to their history. “Since the success of important political projects often depends on ‘one side taking on the initiative,’ Germany should play the role of the ‘pacesetter.’ … The military strategists demand that Berlin should ‘visibly provide leadership’ in the establishment of such a military ‘European nucleus’” (ibid.).

If anyone ever doubted that the German bully has returned (see “The German Bully Returns” under Editor’s Choice on www.theTrumpet .com), then the evidence is now clear for all to see!