Ally For Germany?


As history continues to be written from today’s events, many recurring themes continue to pop up within the pages of the present. One of these themes is the alliance between Germany and Russia. A few times during the 20th century, these two powerful countries went through the endless cycle of creating pacts—exploiting each other’s strengths—and then turning on the other in betrayal. We once again see such an alliance forming between the two nations today.

The Stratfor intelligence firm said on May 14 that “Talks between former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl and Russian President Vladimir Putin suggest that Germany and Russia will continue to build an alliance … no matter what future governments take power in Berlin.”

Gerhard Schröder, chancellor of Germany and leader of the Social Democrats in Germany, has continued to strengthen the alliance. However, there was question as to what would happen if the Christian Democrats came into power in Germany. How would they treat Russia? Would they continue to build the alliance as their predecessors did? These talks suggest that they will.

The article went on to tell why this alliance is so important in the eyes of those involved. “[T]he alliance should serve as the engine for establishing the future Europe as a major world power” (emphasis ours).

This is the purpose of the alliance! Both Russia and Germany know that at this time, neither of them can stand by themselves and oppose the United States with any hope of success. However, together, they are much more powerful—and with France united with them and the rest of Europe behind them, they shall be the counterbalance to American hegemony. This is their immediate goal; this is where the Russo-German alliance is leading.

Yet, as in the past, we know that this alliance will only last long enough for each partner to get from the other all it needs, and then it will end in disaster—once again.