On the Edge


Radical Iran is on the edge of completing the nuclear cycle.

Nuclear North Korea launched a missile that could reach Los Angeles.

Unstable Pakistan, besieged by Islamists, is losing its grip on governance—and perhaps on its atomic arsenal.

Unpredictable states. Unimaginable deadly potential.

The goal of nuclear disarmament has never been more crucial. The means to achieve it have never been so elusive.

Human survival is at stake.

In the following pages, we look squarely at this nightmarish reality.

But we view it in context of a promise. A promise that gives us hope.

Not the promise by some politicians to try to coax a tempest into a cage through negotiation.

But a promise that is unbreakable, inviolable.

The promise that this crisis—though inevitable—presages something beautiful.

That what looks like the edge of annihilation … is really a frontier of a new beginning.