Another Concession


The British government continues to kowtow to Sinn Fein, the political arm of the terrorist Irish Republican Army (ira).

Sinn Fein members of Parliament refuse to take their seats in what they term a “foreign parliament”—that is, the Parliament representing the British people at Westminster. They also refuse to declare allegiance to the queen, something which is mandatory to legitimize a sitting member of Parliament’s office.

In a mind-boggling yielding to ira /Sinn Fein pressure, the socialist government of Britain ramrodded a change of rule through the House of Commons—giving the Sinn Fein MPs certain privileges of office without the need to fulfill their obligations as members of Parliament. Previously barred from the palace’s facilities, the rule-change has allowed the party’s four MPs to take possession of offices, use palace facilities and receive, courtesy of the British taxpayer, certain office allowances.

Sinn Fein has made no commitment to anything in return for receiving these privileges, other than to strengthen their hand to fight the British government to get them to concede all Ireland to Catholic control.

Gerry Adams, Sinn Fein president, stated that the newly won concessions would be used by the party to “build a beachhead to argue for our constituents’ positions but also to argue for a united [Catholic] Ireland.” In spite of the concessions, he strengthened his rebellious stand against the Crown by declaring “there will never, ever be Sinn Fein MPs sitting in the British House of Parliament” (bbc World News, Jan. 21).

The move is not only a propaganda coup for the ira, it is a further nail driven into the coffin of “the mother of all parliaments” by the presently elected socialist administration of Britain.