Teens: Joy Comes From Family


A poll conducted in April by the Associated Press and mtv asked teens the open-ended question: “What makes you happy?” Although money, sex, music and other factors were examined by the study, the top answer teens gave was spending time with family.

Teens in wealthier families were generally happier than those who were poorer, but very few listed money as what made them happy. Also, being sexually active made them less happy.

According to the same report, a majority of young people thought that eventually marrying and having children of their own would make them happy.

Nearly three in four teens said their relationship with their parents made them happy, and when asked who were their heroes, half responded with Dad or Mom.

While these results might seem revelatory to some, the Trumpet has consistently maintained that family life is the most vital part of a young person’s life. Although millions of teens are turning to ever-worsening vices—drugs, alcohol abuse, illicit sex, degrading entertainment—these diversions are actually robbing them of joy.

For more on the all-important institution of family and its transcendent purpose, read “Taking Time to Save Our Teens,” from our July 2007 issue.