EU Set to Lead Kosovo


The European Union continues to advance its virtual colonization of the Balkans. The latest step is the development of its plan to replace the United Nations administration of Kosovo. According to a recently released EU report, a 72-member EU delegation, supported by a staff of 200, would have a mandate to implement a currently deadlocked UN plan that grants Kosovo internationally supervised statehood status—and independence from Serbia.

The plan, drafted by the UN’s special envoy for Kosovo, would give Kosovo its own army, anthem, flag and constitution, while granting minority Serbians local political rights and cultural protection. The plan is deadlocked in the UN Security Council, with the United States and the EU welcoming it, but Russia taking Serbia’s side by opposing it.

If the EU has its way, a European delegation will take over from the 3,000-strong UN authority unmik, which began its administration in 1999 after nato ousted the Serb Army. Associated Press reported that the EU delegation would not be directly responsible for running Kosovo (unlike the UN authority), but it would give direction to Kosovo officials in drafting a new constitution (March 12).

The disputed UN plan is precisely what the EU wants enacted as a step toward its further expansion in the Balkans. The European Parliament issued a statement in early March saying that an acceptable settlement on Kosovo’s status “grants the disputed province access to international financial organizations … foresees an international presence in order to maintain the multi-ethnic character of Kosovo … provides international support in order to secure the development of effective, self-sustaining institutions for the entire population of Kosovo … and allows Kosovo to achieve its desire to be integrated in Europe” (, March 13; emphasis ours).

The EU’s plan for Kosovo is just another aggressive move made under the cloak of democracy. For more information on the history of the EU’s involvement in the Balkans and to see where this is leading, request our free booklet The Rising Beast—Germany’s Conquest of the Balkans.