Revealing Muslim Stat Ignored


The largest news organization in Canada recently buried a grave statistic revealed in an Environics poll given to Canadian Muslims. cbc News downplayed poll results showing many Canadian Muslims believe that an alleged terrorist plot to kidnap and behead the prime minister was justified.

Instead, the February 13 online cbc News article, titled “Glad to be Canadian, Muslims say,” highlighted that 80 percent of Canada’s 700,000 Muslims are satisfied to live there.

As the February 18 Calgary Sun pointed out, cbc News missed the real story. The far more revealing and newsworthy statistic concerned the percentage of Canadian Muslims who felt a plot to behead Canada’s top leader and blow up the Parliament was justified. Though buried deep in the article was the isolated statement that 73 percent of respondents felt the attacks were not at all justified, no reference was made to the fact that 12 percent—the equivalent of 84,000 Canadian Muslims—said the plot was justified. Even taking the margin of error into consideration leaves a minimum of 49,000 Canadian Muslims who sympathize with the cause of the 18 Muslim men and boys who allegedly plotted the attack.

Here is yet another example of how the media, out of political correctness and fear of causing offense, paints a picture of extreme Muslims that is different to reality.