He Was Right!

How will the EU be divided East and West? As far back as the 1950s, Plain Truth editor in chief Herbert W. Armstrong forecast the following:


“There will be 10 dictatorships, exerting iron rule over 10 European nations. These 10 will give all their military power to the central overall leader—pictured under the prophetic symbol ‘the beast.’ … The strong indication of these prophecies, then, is that some of the Balkan nations are going to tear away from behind the Iron Curtain.”

Sept. 20, 1979

Reporting on the pope’s visit to Poland, Mr. Armstrong suggested that a “‘resurrected’ Holy Roman Empire … may include such nations … as Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania and Yugoslavia.”

Feb. 18, 1980

“There will now be an effort to bring Yugoslavia into the Holy Roman Empire alliance! There will be strong pressure from the Vatican, in view of the pope’s visit to his native Poland, to bring Poland into the new United States of Europe. If Yugoslavia and Poland go in, then expect at least Romania also to go in.”

Dec. 27, 1981

“But suddenly, unexpectedly, as biblical prophecy reveals, the whole world will be startled and shocked into wonder to learn that a new third super world power has suddenly burst forth onto the world scenea resurrection of the medieval Holy Roman Empire by a union of 10 nations in Europe—very possibly five in Western Europe, and five broken loose from the Communist orbit in Eastern Europe!”

May 20, 1982

“The uprising against Soviet domination in Poland can easily lead to Poland, and such Eastern European nations as Romania, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and even Greece, joining in a union with Roman Catholic nations in Western Europe. The Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church could join with the Roman Catholic. The 10 nations of Revelation 17 will be Catholic.”