KLA Entrenched


Surprise! Surprise! The guerrilla movement adopted by the UN and its nato sheep, the Kosovo Liberation Army (kla), is suddenly proving to be a real thorn in the side of both the UN and nato.

This terrorist group moved like lightning to take over the administration of towns and villages in Kosovo as soon as the bomb compartments shut on the last plane to fly its anti-Serb mission. Now, dug in to mayoral offices and largely staffing a widespread bureaucracy with kla recruits, the extremist Albanians have neutered any prospect of the moderate Ibrahim Rugova consolidating any handle on his unofficially elected position as leader in Kosovo.

Rugova’s demise commenced with Richard Holbrook’s failure to address the Kosovo question at the Dayton “Peace” Accords in 1995. Placing Kosovo in the “too hard” basket just postponed the inevitable explosion which erupted in 1998, consummating in war earlier this year.

Rugova lost further ground when the Clinton administration embraced the kla terrorists at the Rambouillet talks in March.

The West has now switched its allegiance to terrorist leader Hashim Thali, despite the fact that his kla henchmen are suspected of a plot to murder Rugova. The warmth in which U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright enfolded Thali during her visit to Pristina last month globally publicized the approval of the U.S. government and nato of kla entrenchment in Kosovo.

The writing is on the wall. It seems that nato will oversee the last vestiges of the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo as Serbs continue to stream out of that historic Balkan province into neighboring Yugoslavia, under the watchful eyes of kfor, the Kosovo “peacekeeping” force.