New Footage Strongly Indicates Hamas Uses Al-Shifa Hospital as Military Base


The Israel Defense Forces (idf) released two videos on Sunday, which support its claim that Hamas is using al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza as a military base.

Prisoners: The first video shows men taking two hostages into the hospital on October 7, the same day Hamas massacred some 1,400 people in Israel and kidnapped hundreds more.

A member of Hamas’s political bureau said the footage shows prisoners taken in to receive treatment. Though the idf has not named the suspected hostages, it has said one is from Nepal and the other from Thailand.

Tunnel: The next video shows a Hamas tunnel connected to the hospital. The idf claims Hamas has a command center there. The footage, along with weapons found at the site, supports this accusation. Hamas denies that its tunnels connect to civilian infrastructure.

Israel said it will release more evidence in the coming days.

Disinformation: Al-Shifa’s real use has been known for years. Yet mainstream media outlets have lied to suppress the idf’s claims and portray Hamas as the victim. This new footage further exposes Hamas and the corruption in the media.

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