Iran Linked to Shooting of Far-Right Spanish Politician


The shooting of Spanish right-wing former politician Alejandro Vidal-Quadras was possibly linked to Iran, a police source told the Associated Press on November 9 after Vidal-Quadras raised the suspicion from his hospital bed.

The former politician, who founded Spain’s fringe-right Vox party, was shot in the face on Thursday near his home in Madrid.

A provincial brigade that handles terrorism and extremism cases has joined the investigation to look into the possible Iranian link.

Enemy of Iran: Vidal-Quadras was one of the first politicians to be added to Iran’s terrorist list because of his support for Iranian opposition group mek. In January, the Iranian Foreign Ministry imposed sanctions on Vidal-Quadras and others with ties to the group, accusing them of “supporting terrorism.”

mek leader Maryam Rajavi called the attack on Vidal-Quadras a “terrorist crime,” in a statement on X.

I call for the prosecution and punishment of the perpetrators of this terrorist crime. The Iranian Resistance sees Iran’s ruling religious fascism as the first suspect accused in this case, as Professor Vidal-Quadras has dedicated an important part of his life to fight against it.
—Maryam Rajavi

Vidal-Quadras is also a member of the European Friends of Israel, a group that supports Israel’s ties with the European Union.

Prophecy says: Daniel 11:40 shows that the “king of the south,” which the Trumpet has identified as Iran and radical Islam, will soon “push at” the “king of the north,” a united Europe. If Iran begins targeting right-wing opposition leaders in Europe, it could add to this push.

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