Why Do They Love Hamas Murderers?

Islamists, socialists, deviants, students, celebrities and revolutionaries of all stripes share one thing in common: not something they love but something they hate.

They’re cheering for Hamas. Why? People are still trying to identify (even to the point of bringing in archaeologists) the lacerated, severed, charred arms, heads and other body parts of the victims, some from Israel, some from at least 29 other countries—some fully grown, some very small, all murdered in terrorizing agony. In the month since, people around the world have reacted powerfully—cheering.

You are living in an evil time.

Cheering started on the very afternoon of October 7, while the terror was still ongoing and before Israel had struck back in any form. That same day, large groups of people somehow formed a coordinated show of defiant support—for the killers. For a month now, they have continued posting their support for Hamas online; gone on television with their talking points; poured into the streets waving black, green, red and white flags; ripped down the hostage posters displaying what their side has so proudly done.

Now Israeli troops are overhead and finally on the ground in Gaza, searching for the hostages and the Hamas killers who decapitate babies, burn people alive, rape women, disguise themselves as civilians, hide in ambulances, use children as human shields, and murder their own people for trying to flee.

And people are cheering even louder now, but not for the troops.

In their hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands, these people have packed the theater in Dearborn, Michigan; filled intersections in Cincinnati, Ohio; offered on an “altar” in San Francisco, California; sported Arabic T-shirts in Provo, Utah; bowed in mass Islamic prayer in Toronto, Ontario; shouted at the White House in Washington, D.C., blocked Parliament in Ottawa, Ontario; painted swastikas in Las Vegas, Nevada; branded Jewish homes in Paris, France; fought with police in Berlin, Germany; dishonored cenotaphs in Rochdale and in London, England; and shouted from cities, towns and villages around the world that they “stand with Palestine.”

Why? What principles—or what one principle—unites these rival Islamists, race agitators, union members, socialists, Communists, anarchists, sexual deviants, celebrities, politicians and others? Diversity? Sharia law? Homosexuality? Tolerance? Arabic heritage? Feminism? Martyrdom? Dismantling patriarchy? Tolerance? Inclusivity? Believing “Muslim lives matter” in other Middle Eastern countries? Abolition of private property? Worship of the state? Absence of government? Equity? Equality? Democracy? A general idea of individual freedom?

No: They don’t love the same thing. They hate the same thing.

They hate the Jews. And they don’t even understand why. But that hatred has to be extremely deep and extremely evil for all these diverse people to manifest it so uniformly and so powerfully, at precisely the time when the Jews have been literally massacred in their homes.

The world reaction to October 7 shows that “sophisticated” modern people not only can tolerate the Nazi-style slaughter of Jewish men, women and children in their homes, but many will celebrate it.

Why such inhuman atrocities, and why such inhuman celebration of atrocities? When “your side” has broadcast itself torturing and murdering grandmothers, gang-raping and murdering young women, and hunting and murdering children in their bunk beds, how do you not delete all your old “we need an intifada” posts, stuff your black-and-white Yasser Arafat keffiyeh into the bottom of your scarf drawer, and crawl under a rock?

If you are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, how is now the time to rush through and hype a “national strategy to counter Islamophobia”? If you are Barack Obama, how is now the time to equate the actions of the Israel Defense Forces (and “all of us”) to the aforementioned actions of Hamas by saying “nobody’s hands are clean” and “all of us are complicit to some degree”? If you are one of the many other elites sounding off right now, how is now the time to say that Israel’s response must be “proportionate” to the October 7 tortures, mutilations, desecrations and other demonic crimes against humanity?

Jews constitute 2.4 percent of the United States population, but they are the victims of 60 percent of religious-based hate crimes, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Anti-Semitism is a far bigger problem than Islamophobia.

As Harris has been “countering Islamophobia,” Biden has been pressuring Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to delay the ground invasion. Now that it’s underway, reports are coming out that civilians are evacuating southward. Those who had attempted to evacuate earlier while Hamas was still in full control were murdered by Hamas to dissuade others from evacuating and forcing them to be human shields and “martyrs.”

How does Hamas have any supporters anywhere? Yet it has supporters in the White House. On October 7, more Jews were killed by Hamas murderers than on any day since the Holocaust, yet pretenders to the throne Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are talking about a “national strategy to counter Islamophobia.” Can you imagine Franklin Roosevelt responding to Kristallnacht with a “national strategy to counter Germanophobia”?

The deputy director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is urging Biden to “counter Islamophobia” by ending Israel’s invasion against Hamas as soon as it has gotten started. The editorial board at the New York Times is adding to the pressure. Columnist Nicolas Kristoff argued, “We must not kill Gazan children to protect Israel’s children” and asserted that “killing civilians does not end extremism. It feeds it.” Better for Israelis to just sit at home and grieve.

Such virtue-signaling commentary supports the Joebama administration in its attempt to preserve the Hamas regime. When Israel responded to the massacre by declining to provide Gaza with water and fuel, Gazans had a compelling reason to hand over Hamas leaders, and a compelling deadline. But pressure from the U.S. and other places has resulted in truckloads of resources coming in and Hamas leaders, whether in Gaza or luxuriating with truckloads of cash in Qatar and Turkey, remaining safe and in power. Now Biden is pushing for a ceasefire “humanitarian pause,” which is exactly what Hamas needs.

Obama recently said that “what’s happening to Palestinians is unbearable.” Despite his other rhetoric appearing to sympathize with the Jews, he does not support Israel’s right to defend itself. Most Israelis regard Iran as their greatest enemy, but with Obama and Biden in power and rabid anti-Semitism now becoming blatant and bold, America may be an even greater threat.

Peter Wood writes in his insightful article “Higher Ed Support for Hamas Exposes Disdain for America”:

If you don’t like the pro-Hamas demonstrations by American college students, then you won’t like American higher education, which is the garden in which these flowers were grown. … American higher education at least since the late 1960s has been disenchanted with Western civilization. … The slow elimination of honor, respect, and admiration for those who founded our nation and who in later generations built on those foundations gave way to a new aspiration of liberating ourselves from every stricture of traditional culture and invented something uninhibited and new—and almost always filled with anger towards what came before and what continued to stand in the way. … This is fertile soil for anti-Semitism, an ideology that is always ready to turn vague dissatisfaction into directed anger, even to the point of murderous rage.

This analysis strikes at the heart of the matter.

For well over a generation, Islamist leaders have referred to America as the “Great Satan” and to Israel as the “Little Satan.” Now, many atheist, socialist, feminist American students, professors and other elites agree. They don’t agree on whether there is a Satan, whether there is a God for Mohammed to be a prophet for, whether church and state should be separated, whether churches should even exist, whether women should belong to men, whether women should wear bags or participate in “empowering” pornography, whether males and females can change their sexes, whether children should be taught homosexuality, whether you can eat meat, whether you can drill for oil, or any other issue. But they know for sure that America is evil and should be destroyed and “fundamentally transformed.”

The radical elites don’t hate the abuse of women as a principle—or they wouldn’t remain deafeningly silent on truly toxic Hamas males animalistically abusing the women in Israel. They don’t hate the sufferings of the poor and displaced as a principle—or they would raise awareness for hundreds of Gaza-like areas around the world. They don’t love, as a principle, multiculturalism—or they would cheer the society that has produced Christian, Druze, Jewish, Muslim and secular Israel Defense Forces troops willing to die for the hostages and for their nations more than they are cheering people who literally kill for their religious orthodoxy. They don’t believe, as a principle, in tiny populations having the right to create their own nation-states—or they would be talking to you as much about the Armenians, Basques, Cape Independents, Chechens, Circassians, Darfurians, Kurds, Romas, Rohingyas, Serbs, Tigrays, Tyroleans, Turkish Cypriots, Volkstaaters, and Zabonians as they do about the Palestinians.

The movement you now see raging in the open all around you has no unified principles except for what it hates. Modern Judah and modern America have many flaws, yet those flaws are not the things the Muslim fundamentalists, the race-obsessed factionalists, the feminists, the “queers for Palestine” and the other radicals hate. The things they hate the most are the few good things left—the things America’s Founding Fathers believed in, the things that trace back to Christianity, Judaism, the Bible and God.

These people hate the principles that produce the rule of law; individual freedom and accountability; limited government; importance of the family; freedom of religion, speech and property; and other principles that are truly good and that ultimately trace back not only to the Constitution but to the law given to the Jews and the other Israelites at Mount Sinai. These people don’t have a united set of logical—let alone good—principles of their own.

But they know for sure that they want to tear down America and Israel.

Socialists like Barack Obama and Islamists like Ayatollah Ali Khamenei presumably disagree on a thousand things, but they agree that they hate Western civilization, so they hate its source. They hate the Jews (which descended from the ancient Israelite tribe of Judah, as well as the tribes of Benjamin and Levi). And they hate the Americans, British and certain related nations (which descended from the infamous “lost 10 tribes” of Israel). To learn more, request your free copy of The United States and Britain in Prophecy, by Herbert W. Armstrong.

This hatred is neither sophisticated nor new. It’s as old as the pogroms of the Nazis, the German Confederation, the Russian Empire, Toulon, Strasbourg, Prague, Brussels, Flanders, the Crusades and before. And this hatred is proof that there is something more going on than just sociology, politics, ideologies and economics. There is something spiritual—and it is evil.

My father, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry, explains in his book America Under Attack that there is a campaign in the end time to “blot out the name of Israel from under heaven.” This effort is described in Bible scriptures like 2 Kings 14:26-28, which say that God will raise up an end-time type of King Jeroboam ii to save Israel long enough for people to at least consider repenting of the sins that allowed this evil campaign to reemerge with such a murderous vengeance.

Keep watching for this Jeroboam figure. And ask yourself: Why does Israel need saving in the first place?

God is neither a respecter of persons nor a respecter of nations. The good you can find in Israel, America and the other modern peoples that descended from the Israelites does not trace back to the goodness of the people or even the goodness of their forebears. It traces back only to the true God. And because the modern Israelites have forsaken God, they are losing the good, biblical principles they were given, not to mention the resulting blessings of wealth and security—just as Moses warned our ancestors after Mount Sinai.

God has indeed used the Jews and the other nations of Israel that descended from Abraham in a special way throughout history, not because of their innate qualities but in spite of them. Their continued existence, miraculous victories, wealth and power have come not from themselves but from God, not for their enjoyment but as an example to the world to bring all human beings to their God. And in spite of the sins, the suffering and the punishment these nations will have to endure, “the Lord said not that he would blot out the name of Israel from under heaven” (verse 27). He will still use these same nations, this same tribe of Judah—this same capital city of Jerusalem, in fact—to lead all people to their Creator.

The inhuman hatred for the Jews you see right now is physically inexplicable. But there is an explanation.

Evil exists. And the reason it is so willful and intentional is because the devil exists. He hates not just the Jews or the Israelites but the human race. On October 7, we saw what he desires to do to human beings, father and mother, parent and child, because “in the image of God created he him, male and female created he them” (Genesis 1:27). It’s time you understood why evil, why the Jews, and why Israel.

Read “The Mystery of Israel” in Mystery of the Ages, by Herbert W. Armstrong.