Young Americans Largely Support Hamas


Nearly half of registered American voters ages 18 to 24 support Hamas in their war against Israel, according to a Harvard caps/Harris poll published on October 19. The poll surveyed 2,116 registered voters of various ages, and it revealed other disturbing findings.

  • Only 25 percent are “very favorable of Israel,” while 59 percent favor Israel overall.
  • 63 percent believe in a two-state solution to the conflict.
  • 42 percent believe the Biden administration made the right decision to secure the release of American hostages from Iran in exchange for $6 billion.

More stats on youth: When focused on individuals ages 18 to 24, the stats become more alarming.

  • 64 percent believe Israel and Hamas have equally just causes.
  • 37 percent don’t believe Hamas is a terrorist group.
  • Over half believe Israel should end its campaign against Hamas.
  • Over half believe Hamas’s killing of 1,400 Israeli civilians is justified.
  • 44 percent believe Israel is the homeland of the Palestinian people.

Radicalized education: It is stunning that anyone, let alone young people in America on such a broad scale, would justify the atrocities Hamas just committed. It is stark proof of the degree to which amoral, radical leftist ideology has infected American education. Moral absolutes have been trashed and replaced with rank counterfeits that enable people to rationalize and defend appalling evils.

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