Wagner Leader Warns of Russian Revolution


Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of Russia’s mercenary Wagner Group, warned in a May 24 interview with pro-war blogger Konstantin Dolgov that Russia’s long and bloody war could cause a revolution similar to the 1917 Russian Revolution.

Prigozhin strongly criticized the lavish lifestyles of Russia’s rich and powerful and said their homes could be stormed by common Russian people with “pitchforks.” He expressed special anger toward the children of the elite and the many wealthy Russians who have tried to avoid having their lives disrupted by the war.

He emphasized that the “tens of thousands of relatives” of killed soldiers might reach a boiling point, and the Russian government will have to deal with anger, discontent and economic disparity from the common people. This could lead to an uprising against the Russian government, similar to what happened in 1917 when increasing governmental corruption and catastrophic Russian losses in World War i prompted an uprising that culminated in the Russian Revolution.

The children of the elite … allow themselves a public, fat, carefree life. This division might end as in 1917, with a revolution—when first the soldiers rise up, and then their loved ones follow. … My advice to the Russian elites: Get your lads, send them to war, and when you go to the funeral, when you start burying them, people will say that now everything is fair.


Prigozhin also said that the war has backfired spectacularly by failing to “demilitarize” Ukraine, one of Putin’s stated aims for the invasion. He said the Russian effort has instead made Ukraine a far more capable military power. To meet the challenges, he called for the Russian government to commit more fully to the war and to adopt a wartime economy and more totalitarian policies, similar to those of North Korea.

We are in a situation where we can simply lose Russia. We unfortunately … must announce new waves of mobilization; we must put everyone who is capable to work on increasing the production of ammunition. Russia needs to live like North Korea for a few years, so to speak, close the borders … and work hard.

The Trumpet says: Despite intensifying concerns about a revolution, we expect Putin to remain in power. Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has identified Vladimir Putin as the “prince of Rosh” in Ezekiel 38:2, an individual who will continue to lead Russia as it expands its power globally.

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