Relations Between Russia and China at an ‘Unprecedented High Level’


Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping met on May 24 in Beijing with Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, who said that pressure from the West is strengthening Russia’s ties with China. Relations between the two countries are “at an unprecedented high level,” influenced by the “pressure of illegitimate sanctions from the collective West,” Mishustin said.

Our countries together oppose the attempts of the collective West to maintain global dominance and use illegal sanctions to impose their will on independent states.
— Mikhail Mishustin

China will continue to offer “firm, mutual support to Russia on matters of core interests,” Xi told Mishustin, emphasizing plans formulated during Xi’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in March.

Challenge U.S. dominance: Mishustin did not mention the Ukraine War that China, in defense of Moscow, has mainly refused to criticize. He focused on economic cooperation between the nations instead, challenging the United States’ lead in global affairs. Russia and China’s standoff with the U.S. and its allies is drawing Russia and China nearer, according to Alexander Gabuev, director of the Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center.

Fundamentally, things are not improving. It’s not an open conflict but it’s really an existential competition. Here I think Russia and China are in the same boat, at different levels of intensity.
—Alexander Gabuev

China has been essential in supporting the Russian economy, which is declining under Western sanctions. Mishustin said he expects trade between Russia and China to surpass $200 billion this year. Trade in agriculture climbed 42 percent last year, and 90 percent in the first quarter of this year, he added.

Prophesied partners: The strengthening of relations between Russia and China is not surprising to those familiar with Bible prophecy. Revelation 16:12 speaks of a multinational Asian alliance referred to as “the kings of the east.” In our free booklet Russia and China in Prophecy, we explain that Russia, supported by China, will lead this alliance and challenge U.S. dominance. We write:

[T]he deterioration of relations between the U.S. and both Beijing and Moscow has contributed to shaping a new set of global alliances. It is evident that both Russian and Chinese officials are working to form a new alliance and counter American dominance of world affairs.

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