Barack Obama Orchestrated the Trump-Russia Hoax

The Durham report shows America’s two-tier system of justice is really just one tier: ‘Get Trump.’

For centuries, American democracy has been defined by the peaceful transition of power from one elected leader to the next. But every day since Donald Trump won an upset victory in the 2016 presidential election, his predecessor has been using every tactic possible to destroy his presidency. This has been revealed most recently in Special Counsel John Durham’s 306-page report summarizing his investigation into the Department of Justice. Through the Federal Bureau of Investigation operation known as Crossfire Hurricane, the department spied on and investigated Mr. Trump before and after he was elected president of the United States. Durham’s goal was to find out why. Was it because there was evidence of Trump working with Russia to win the election? Or was it because of something else?

Durham’s report was released on May 12. The media dismissed it as having “little substantial new information” about the fbi investigation. Yet there is a bombshell in this report: Barack Obama and his administration had no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia when his Department of Justice launched Crossfire Hurricane.

The entire fbi operation against the elected president of the United States not only lacked a legitimate legal predicate, but its actual predicate was bias, hatred, political agenda, lies and an active attempt to interfere with the election and presidency of the United States!

Trump’s enemies knowingly lied about Russia collusion—for years. What kind of power does it take to keep a lie that enormous going, month after month, across the fbi, across the Department of Justice and across the media? That is the power the “Russia-Russia-Russia” liars have, and Durham has shown us that it traces straight back to Barack Obama.

On May 23, 2017, former Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan told Congress under oath that his agency had intelligence that Russian intelligence services were actively involved in a plot to get American citizens, including members of the Trump campaign, to serve Russian interests in a witting or unwitting fashion. But this was a lie!

Brennan was not officially over the fbi, but he is known to have been the top apparatchik of the man who was: Barack Obama. It was he who spoke for Obama when he reportedly told top fbi investigators working on the Trump-Russia collusion probe, “The White House is running this.”

Durham’s report reveals that the fbi admitted it had “no information … indicating that at any time during the campaign anyone in the Trump campaign had been in contact with any Russian intelligence officials.”

Perhaps more shockingly, Durham has revealed something John Brennan did know. By July 2016, he knew that the Russians were aware that Hillary Clinton was planning to smear Trump as a Russian agent. By Aug. 3, 2016, Obama also knew about Clinton’s plan, because Brennan told him.

The strange accusation that Donald Trump was colluding with Russia to ultimately gain popularity with American voters was a false accusation, and Barack Obama knew it. Yet Obama’s fbi proceeded with an investigation against the Republican frontrunner with no legal basis at all. (In 2023, with Mr. Trump having now been indicted, is this sounding familiar?)

Obama’s fbi investigated Trump campaign adviser Carter Page for his relationships with Russia, even though he had been helping provide intelligence to the cia. Obama’s fbi forged warrant applications to the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court in order to continue spying on Page. It also investigated Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn to find evidence that he “was directed and controlled by” the Russian government or coordinated with in a way that could threaten national security.

When that investigation was closing because it had found no evidence against Flynn, the fbi kept it open—thanks in large part to former agent Peter Strzok—in order to use it to trap Flynn and force him out of his new position as national security adviser. Strzok is the agent whose handwritten notes from a January 2017 meeting in the White House—with Obama, Joe Biden, the fbi director, the deputy attorney general and the national security adviser all present—show that Obama himself was directing the operation against Flynn.

Strzok is also the agent whose adulterous text messages with another married fbi employee revealed his personal loathing for Trump and his promise that Trump would never be elected—“we’ll stop it.” And if they failed to stop it, he said, they needed an “insurance policy” to use against him even after he became president. In addition to Crossfire Razor and Crossfire Hurricane, Strzok was also involved in the Robert Mueller special counsel probe until his activities were revealed and he was fired from the fbi.

Strzok was the one who wrote in official fbi documentation that the bureau had zero evidence that any Trump-affiliated individuals were in contact with any Russian intelligence agents, yet he was helping run Crossfire Hurricane anyway.

Three days after Crossfire Hurricane started on July 31, 2016, Brennan was telling Obama, along with Vice President Joe Biden, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and fbi Director James Comey, that the Russians knew that Clinton was going with the “Trump-Russia” smear. Two days after that, according to Ball of Collusion author Andrew McCarthy, Brennan was asserting his authority—by asserting Barack Obama’s authority—and telling Strzok in no uncertain terms, “The White House is running this.”

Despite Obama’s considerable power over all of this, his chosen successor, Hillary Clinton, lost the election in November 2016. In January 2017, as he prepared to leave the White House in mere days, Obama again met with Brennan, Biden and Comey, along with National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. The discussion was about how to continue investigating Trump after he was inaugurated president.

Spying on a sitting president is treasonous under just about any circumstances. But it is especially treasonous when you know that the entire basis for the spying is a Clinton-backed slander!

After Clinton lost, Obama had promised the American people that he would hand power to the new Trump administration with the same professionalism and grace that his predecessor had shown him. That was a diabolical lie!

If Obama was like every president that preceded him and truly wanted a peaceful transition of power, he would have used his authority to stop a dead-end investigation into a crime that never existed and amounted to a shoddy accusation based on a fake dossier used for political purposes by what must have been a borderline desperate Clinton Campaign. Instead, he personally took over the investigation from Strzok and the fbi and used the national security “deep state” to take out Flynn and to try to obstruct or bring down Trump and to destroy his presidency.

If all of these are things we already know, what else don’t we know—yet? How much earlier was Obama involved in all this as he colluded with Hillary Clinton to make her his chosen successor?

“The Durham report has finally dropped and he found out what everybody already knew,” said Fox News host Jesse Watters. “The whole Trump-Russia collusion story was a giant hoax started by Democrats. The fbi knew it was a hoax. The cia knew it was a hoax, and Barack Obama knew it was a hoax. Everybody knew it was a hoax the whole time, but they acted like it was real. The cia knew Hillary started the Russia collusion story and then went in and told Barack Obama all about it, that she was trying to link Trump with Russia to distract from her e-mail scandal.”

Trump-Russia was a lie of tectonic scale, and those who believed it united with the many who didn’t to use it as a weapon to stop Trump.

American conservative commentator Greg Jarrett wrote an entire book titled The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump, which explains how the Obama administration absolved Clinton of flagrantly violating statutes while attempting to frame Trump for crimes he did not commit. These actions were not about protecting national security or the peaceful transition of power. They were Obama’s preparations to continue ruling America after he moved out of the White House.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr and Special Counsel John Durham (whom Barr appointed) have been very halfhearted in their support for Trump. Yet this new report is still one of the most shocking exposés of Obama corruption today. A man who portrayed himself as the Great Unifier was involved in the plot to frame Trump from the beginning!

When you consider the power Obama wielded while president, during Donald Trump’s presidency and through figurehead Joe Biden, it is nothing short of miraculous that all this corruption has come to light for all to see, if they will just look. Obama targets anyone who speaks against him, so Donald Trump has tremendous courage. God is using that courage to expose some of the biggest frauds committed.

A prophecy in Amos 7:8 shows that God will temporarily spare the end-time nations of Israel (including the United States and Britain) to give people one last chance to repent before the nation finally succumbs to attacks from without and within.

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