Ten Kings: France


France is one of the rising 10 kings of the new Holy Roman Empire. The French have a long history that traces all the way back to ancient Israel. The nation is largely Israelite, yet it will help Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands and the other nations of this empire attack the Israelite nations of America, Britain and the Jewish state of Israel—and destroy them!

France today has the largest economy in Europe after Germany. Its military expenditure is similar to Germany’s: Each has one of the top 10 militaries in the world. The French Army has small numbers of troops deployed in several African nations and in the United Arab Emirates. The French Navy possesses four of continental Europe’s seven aircraft carriers, and the French Navy and Air Force possess Europe’s only current arsenal of nuclear weapons.

The French have been involved in dozens of major European wars. According to historian Niall Ferguson, they have fought in more of Europe’s wars than any other nation. French kingdoms, empires and republics have been the most powerful or second-most powerful nation in Europe and even the world through much of history.

In the early modern era, French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte led the fifth revival of the Holy Roman Empire, and France possessed the world’s largest overseas empire after Britain. After Napoleon’s defeat in 1815, France went on to fight other European nations, including the Austrian Empire in 1859 and a German confederation in 1870, in which it was aided by Great Britain.

Britain, as well as the United States, again came to France’s aid in World War i and saved it from the German Empire and its allies, at indescribable cost. Then came the Third Reich.

Between the wars, Germany spent years illegally and secretly building up its military and pushing diplomatically against France. France had a strong military, but Germany attacked rapidly and in unexpected places and conquered the entire country outright in six weeks. It then commenced a brutal occupation for 3½ years.

In the world wars, Germany ultimately caused the deaths of 2.3 million French. And across France, you will find dozens of cemeteries—hundreds of acres filled with rows upon rows of tens of thousands of British and American graves. Yet not long after these soldiers had given France back its sovereignty, the French government and people began resenting and pushing away from the United States and from Britain. Amazingly, they quickly drew close to the nation that has been their terrible enemy throughout the modern era: Germany.

Since World War ii, France’s relationship with Germany has formed the core of European economic, political and even military unification, with a goal of empowering Europe to counterbalance and frequently oppose the U.S. in diplomacy, finance and culture. This is symbolized in part by the 1963 Elyseé Treaty just 18 years after the Nazis lost power; by the French-German Eurocorps Brigade created in 1989; by French-German tanks, planes and other weaponry created by Airbus and other firms; by the 2019 Aachen Treaty, signed in the city of Charlemagne; and by repeated French support for German policies.

Yet this desire for independence from America has been consistently limited by the fact the French and other Europeans have been dependent on American resources. They particularly need trade and military protection through nato in the face of nuclear-armed Russia and other threats (article, page 15).

But now America is weak. The threat from the East was minimal when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. But Vladimir Putin now leading Russia and warring in Ukraine is a major motivator for Europe to get stronger.

France and Europe still need help from abroad, but supposedly democratic Europe is turning away from the U.S. and toward dictatorial Communist China (article, page 20). In April, French President Emmanuel Macron openly stated that France should not follow U.S. policy and help democratic Taiwan if Communist China invades. He has discussed undermining the U.S. dollar and said that Europe needs to become a “third superpower.” Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping surely couldn’t be happier.

Neither could Germany. Throughout the centuries, France and Germany have both wanted to rule Europe and beyond. Like the Germans, the French trace much of their cultural, military and religious heritage back to Charlemagne. Today, Macron seems to think France, and perhaps he himself, can overtake Germany and lead Europe. But he also knows that right now Germany is in charge. He likely would not speak out against America like this if the Germans did not tell him to.

Germany uses France to push against and undermine the United States so it can accomplish its goals yet still seem harmless. Germany is powerful, but it is not openly asserting that power—yet. When it does, the world will be shocked! These European nations are what the Bible calls “lovers” of the Israelite nations (Ezekiel 23). God says our “lovers” will commit deadly betrayals. Bible prophecy shows that a coming economic alliance between Europe and Asia will indeed undermine the entire American economy. France’s betrayal in this and other ways connects to another specific prophecy as well. The ancestor of France was Reuben, brother of Joseph, the ancestor of America and Britain. The book of Genesis records how Reuben betrayed Joseph. Similarly today, France will betray the Americans and British. For more information, read Gerald Flurry’s article “France Is Betraying America and Fulfilling Bible Prophecy!