Scotland’s New First Minister Only Cares About Identity Politics


Yesterday, the Scottish National Party (snp) announced Humza Yousaf as its new first minister. Since Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation last month, three candidates have been battling for the position. Yousaf was able to edge out his main competitor, Kate Forbes, with 52 percent of the vote in the second round.

After the vote was tallied, Yousaf said,

Leadership elections, by their very nature, can be bruising. However, in the snp we are a family. Over the last five weeks we may have been competitors or supporters of different candidates. We are no longer team Humza, or team Ash, or team Kate; we are one team. We will be the team, we will be the generation that delivers independence for Scotland.

Before being formally confirmed, he will face another vote at Holyrood.

Identity politics: Yousaf formerly served as Sturgeon’s health secretary, justice secretary and transport minister. The majority of his work in politics has revolved around social issues.

As justice secretary, he introduced the controversial Hate Crime Bill, which passed 82 to 32 votes. The legislation established a new offense of “stirring up hatred” on the grounds of discrimination of one’s religion, sexual orientation and transgender identity.

Criticism of Yousaf is largely on his obsession with identity politics and equality. Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party Douglas Ross called Yousaf out for moving away from the “real priorities of the Scottish people.” He said that his own party would continue to focus on issues that matter, such as “strengthening our economy, supporting our struggling nhs, and helping families with the global cost of living crisis.”

Racial discrimination? Yousaf seems more concerned with the issue of race than Scotland’s economic issues.

In one seething speech, he complained about the lack of diversity in Scottish politics. Considering that 96 percent of his country is white, it makes sense that most of its leaders would be as well. If this speech had been given by a white man discussing any other race as being too prominent in politics, the left would have berated him to no end.

LGBTQ views: A key part of the race revolved around the candidates’ beliefs on the lgbtq community. Yousaf’s lead opposition, Kate Forbes, is an outspoken Christian opposed to homosexuality. The finance secretary said she would have voted against homosexual “marriage” in Scotland at the time it was legalized in 2014.

Yousaf, on the other hand, told Sky News:

I believe that people’s marriage, if they are gay and they are married, that their marriage is no more inferior, or worth less, than my marriage as a heterosexual individual.

He also supported the Gender Recognition Reform (grr) Bill, which allows for 16-year-olds to apply for legal certification of their transgender identity. It also removed the need for a medical diagnosis and evidence of having lived as that gender for at least two years.

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