Russia’s Northern Fleet Armed With Nuclear Weapons for First Time in 30 Years


Russia has deployed nuclear-armed warships into the Baltic Sea for the first time since the Soviet era, the Norwegian Intelligence Services (nis) said in its Fokus 2023 report published on February 13.

For the first time in 30 years, Russia’s Northern Fleet is equipped with tactical nuclear missiles “located on the submarines and surface vessels,” nis reported. The nuclear weapons pose a threat to all nato nations, it warned.

Other potential threats from Russia include:

  • Underwater capabilities
  • Antisatellite weapons
  • Cyber tools

The ongoing tensions between Russia and the West mean that Russia will continue to pose the greatest nuclear threat to nato. … It cannot be ruled out that a localized war could escalate into a wider conflict with direct military involvement of Russia, the United States, nato and Norway.
—Norwegian Intelligence Services

The report also states that the war on Ukraine has dwindled Russia’s conventional capabilities and rebuilding those arsenals will take time. Therefore, “[t]he nuclear deterrent remains the highest priority.”

Shaking Europe: After Vladimir Putin was reelected to the Russian presidency by nefarious means in 2004, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote that for Europe, it was a “political earthquake.” To see Putin manipulate an election and thereby maintain his position at the command of the world largest nuclear arsenal was deeply alarming.

Europe has not forgotten Russia’s recent dictatorial history. It is nervous for good reason. And it is going to get a lot more nervous in a few short years.
—Gerald Flurry, “Russia Frighten Europe—and Fulfills Bible Prophecy

Putin still holds this position 20 years later, and the nuclear threat is looming larger than ever. Bible prophecy reveals that the fear this is causing among Europeans will soon prompt a violent reaction.

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