Belarus Calls Men to Enlistment Offices


A message at one of Belarus’s main bus stations instructs all military-age men to visit enlistment centers to verify their data, journalist Hanna Liubakova, who is stationed in Minsk, tweeted on January 4.

It can be interpreted as potential preparation for future mobilization, However, today there are no signs of the beginning of real mobilization in Belarus, although we can’t exclude such a scenario.
—Hanna Liubakova

  • Last June, Belarus began summoning individuals to attend enlistment offices without providing a reason for the call. Failure to appear was considered a criminal offense.
  • Those who went to the offices were told that it was “just a training session to gather personnel for the formation of territorial defense in the event of a military threat.”
  • In October, the Belarussian Defense Ministry said a mandatory checkup for all those who were eligible for military service would be conducted; however, no official mobilization would take place.
  • Liubakova said that in December “propaganda and various ads appeared with posters and videos calling for men to turn up to enlistment offices for the checkups.”

The Bible says: Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko is among Russian President Vladimir Putin’s closest allies, so some fear that Putin will pull Belarus’s forces into his war on Ukraine. Russia has already used Belarussian territory to stage part of his invasion of Ukraine and has fired missiles from there as well. The Bible calls Putin the “prince of Rosh” (Ezekiel 38:2; New King James Version) and says he will head an alliance of Eastern nations (Revelation 16:12). This Eastern alliance will one day enlist 200 million men into a single army (Revelation 9:16). Several former Soviet states like Belarus may become a part of that confederation and give their military support to Putin.

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