Britain’s Royal Family: Attacked From Within and Without


The assault on Britain’s royal family is getting stronger. The latest volley comes from the duke and duchess of Sussex, who saw their new Netflix series released today.

Attacks on the royal family have become a regular feature in the news. The family is being smeared like never before. Accusations—such as links to slavery—that would have been considered absurd even just a couple of years ago are normal.

Why? These attacks are more than just gossipmongering. Britain’s royal family has a direct link to the Bible. Only that link explains these escalating attacks.

Prince Harry’s Netflix trailers—timed to upstage his brother’s trip to the United States—promised a sharper attack on the royal family. They also came with a caution not to believe everything you saw.

The trailers accused the British press of harassing Meghan. The royal family not only failed to protect her, they were secretly behind some of the attacks. And they had dramatic footage to illustrate it: the press at a Harry Potter premier, the press covering a celebrity court appearance, the press chasing Meghan’s sister-in-law. But little proving what they were talking about.

“He, his wife and their media handlers appear hellbent on their mission to cause as much trouble as possible for the royal family they’ve left behind—in particular for brother William and sister-in-law Kate,” wrote the Spectator.

The show itself added broader accusations. The monarch, it claims, is rooted in slavery. The nation as a whole is fundamentally racist.

Two historians, David Olusoga and Afua Hirsch, tell viewers that the British Empire was “fueled” by slavery—a statement that is provably false. They said Britain’s traditions are “filled with racist imagery.”

Author Kehinde Andrews said that nothing has changed since those allegedly evil days of colonialism, only now the royal family has “better PR.”

Hirsch said the Commonwealth was set up with racist goals. Britain worked in a “very strategic” way to create it “in a way that protected its commercial and capitalist interests.”

“I sometimes call the Commonwealth Empire 2.0, because that is what it is,” she said.

“Those in Britain who extracted that wealth continue to be intergenerationally wealthy, those from whom it was extracted continue to be intergenerationally poor,” said Hirsch in another provably false statement—Britain sent more money out to its colonies than it got back.

Even Prince Harry himself said the royals have “unconscious bias” and are “often part of the problem” when it comes to racism.

The film also saw Harry and Meghan get more political than ever. Brexit, their documentary said, created a “perfect storm for jingoism and nationalism” and contributed to the nation’s allegedly racist treatment of Meghan.

The video came hot on the heels of another race row. On December 1, charity organizer Ngozi Fulani reported that she felt “violated” and suffered “trauma” after a “racist” incident while she was at Buckingham Palace.

The shocking incident? One of the Queen’s former ladies in waiting, Lady Susan Hussey, asked her where she was from. Stunning.

Fulani has previously accused King Charles and his wife of “domestic violence” against Meghan. She has a chip on her shoulder and found an excuse to attack.

Within hours, Lady Susan had been pushed out. Lady Susan is 83 years old. She served the Queen for 60 years—in a purely unpaid, voluntary capacity. The Telegraph wrote that she “was perhaps Queen Elizabeth’s closest companion, and it was she who accompanied her in the back of her State Bentley as it followed Prince Philip’s hearse during his funeral last year.” Yet she was pushed out for one slightly awkward comment. The royals are clearly scared of the woke mob.

Perhaps they’d have shown more courage if the Queen were alive. But there’s no denying they’re under attack—and the attacks will continue. A second volume of Netflix episodes comes out next week, and Prince Harry’s memoir Spare will be out on January 10.

It’s tempting to think none of these accusations make much difference. Certainly among many in Britain all Harry and Meghan are doing is making themselves more and more disliked.

But there are many who were never fond of the monarchy—but not strongly against it either. Harry and Meghan are whipping up those on the left, particularly in the United States, from perhaps disapproval of the monarchy to hatred.

With the Queen’s death, many members of the Commonwealth, countries that have King Charles as head of state, will be considering their future relationship with the monarchy. Now Prince Harry is telling them that the royal family hates people of other races and set the Commonwealth up purely to exploit them. Watch for the exits to accelerate.

What is going on here? Race and the royal family was never an issue. It’s blown up remarkably quickly from nowhere.

Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry begins his booklet Great Again by writing:

Do you believe the United States of America has been mainly a positive force in the world for most of its history?

Do you have a favorable view of the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, separation of powers, rule of law, Manifest Destiny, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, free-market economy, and America’s role in World Wars i and ii?

If you do, then surely you are deeply alarmed by the state of America today.

All of these pillars of American history and identity are being vilified and destroyed

The same trend is taking place in the United Kingdom—and the attacks on the royal family, with its deep connection to Britain’s history and traditions, are part of that trend.

“There is a spiritual dimension to America’s decline that most people do not see,” writes Mr Flurry. It is the same for this attack.

The Bible reveals a real spirit world, with a real devil who works against anything with a connection to God and the Bible. For the first time in history, Christians in England and Wales are in the minority; so most no longer believe in the devil. But the royal family represents a connection to that lost heritage—in a deeper way than most know.

God promised King David that he would always have a descendant ruling over part of the biblical nation of Israel. This promise is behind the extraordinary staying power of Britain’s royal family. In his free book The United States and Britain in Prophecy, Herbert W. Armstrong proved that Britain’s royal family is descended from King David.

This throne has a connection with God. The Bible says that Jesus Christ will sit on that throne (Luke 1:31-32). It has a connection with God’s plan for all mankind!

For that reason, that throne is “something that Satan passionately hates,” writes Mr. Flurry in The New Throne of David.

In his book America Under Attack, Mr. Flurry describes a common tactic Satan uses: working through someone inside and attacking an institution from within. Satan used these “tactics when attacking America and the modern-day nations of Israel,” he writes. “This explains the onslaught against America’s founding, history, principles and purpose coming from such high-placed leaders. This is the most efficient and potent way to destroy: from the top down. The devil can use those leaders to wage an assault from within on the truth and the law.”

The royal family is also under attack now from without and within.

God has had to protect that throne for it to survive. But neither Britain nor its throne has looked to God. The whole nation has rejected Him, and our lives, society and even economy have become more miserable as a result.

Our only hope lies in turning back to God. And to help us do that, God has been removing His protection from that throne.

In 1996, the royal family transferred the stone of Scone—a symbol of its link with God and the Bible—back to Scotland. About 10 months later, Princess Diana died in a car crash. “Did the royal family of David’s throne lose some of its protection from God?” asks Mr. Flurry. “I don’t know for certain, but it is interesting that it happened within a year of England surrendering the stone.”

Since then, things have become much worse. More recently, there have been more changes in the way God deals with that throne. Mr. Flurry wrote in 2018 that this “was a signal of terrible things to come upon Britain, as well as a sharp decline of America and Judah. It was also an indication that we would see a rapid decline in Britain’s royal family” (The New Throne of David).

After the Queen’s death, Mr. Flurry wrote: “I believe that now that the Queen has died, Britain’s demise will accelerate. We are about to see a very sad ending for that throne ….”

These statements are rapidly being proved true. Many would scoff at the idea of a spiritual dimension to the royal family. But these statements have proved accurate.

This spiritual dimension is what you need to understand this throne. You can read more about it in our free book The New Throne of David.