Strengthening Cooperation Between Russia and Azerbaijan


Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin traveled to Azerbaijan and met with President Ilham Aliyev on Friday, November 18.

  • Aliyev said trade between the two countries has neared prepandemic level.
  • He expressed interest in “strengthening … transport corridors.”
  • Tourism to Azerbaijan from Russia has increased about 80 percent this year, according to Aliyev.
  • Mishustin said that joint projects between the countries will become “a new driver for building up the entire range of cooperation.”

Why it is significant: Azerbaijan was part of the former Soviet Union, which Russian President Vladimir Putin is anxious to resurrect. This is why we watch relations between Russia and Azerbaijan.

The Trumpet says:

Putin has channeled much of Russia’s might into hammering those [former Soviet] nations back together. He is working not only to reverse that “catastrophe” but to create something even mightier than the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics at its mightiest.

Putin and the ‘Greatest Catastrophe’” details how Putin is re-creating the Soviet Empire and why we should be concerned.