With Economy Collapsing, U.S. Sends Billions to Ukraine

00:30 Biden’s Economic Disaster (9 minutes)
When Joe Biden was debating President Donald Trump in 2020, he said he would “build back” the American economy “better” than Donald Trump ever did. Today, 18 months later, the U.S. economy is worse than it has been in decades, and Americans are growing frustrated and angry.

09:55 $40 Billion More for Ukraine (9 minutes)
Yesterday, Democrats rushed a $40 billion Ukraine aid package through to the U.S. Senate. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told Americans that when they think about this out-of-control spending package, just think of what Jesus said about feeding the hungry.

18:40 Banning 2,000 Mules (18 minutes)
Fox News has banned any mention of Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary 2,000 Mules. It wasn’t that long ago that Fox News denounced the legacy media for banning any mention of the Hunter Biden laptop story in the lead-up to the 2020 U.S. presidential election. “Both are important, legitimate stories,” D’Souza tweeted yesterday. “So what’s the difference?”

36:35 Bible Study: Blessings and Curses (22 minutes)
Throughout the Bible, God’s message is clear: We are blessed for obedience, and we are cursed for disobedience. Moses’s third sermon in the book of Deuteronomy magnifies this unchangeable truth.

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