Benefits of Illegal Immigration


Some argue that illegal immigration in the United States is a necessity—and they are right.

Consider these facts:

  • Fifteen percent of Mexico’s work force—about one in every seven—is working in the United States.
  • Every year, illegal aliens remit $20 billion to Mexico, equaling income from Mexico’s oil exports and dwarfing the tourism industry. That money is nearly the equal of the United States foreign-aid budget for the entire globe.
  • An illegal immigrant often earns up to 10 times what he would have made in Mexico.
  • Criminals that might be unwelcome in Mexico can move to the United States. Many of the most violent gang members, such as those in ms-13, are foreign born with prior criminal convictions.
  • As you can see, illegal immigration provides many benefits economically and socially—for Mexico.

    Mexican President Vicente Fox has said immigration is the most pressing issue in U.S.-Mexico relations: “One cannot underestimate the importance of this moment and how complex this issue is for our two nations,” Fox said. “Since the beginning of my administration, the government of Mexico has promoted the establishment of a new system that regulates the movement of people across our border in a manner which is legal, safe and orderly” (Associated Press, May 24). He left out one final criterion: northbound.